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8 unforgettable experiences in Con Dao in the windy season

BA RIA – VUNG TAU – Watching apricot blossoms bloom on both sides of the road, walking through the forest, breathing the fresh air, enjoying fresh seafood… is an unforgettable memory in Con Dao.

Late winter and early spring is the windy season in Con Dao. At this time the wind blows very strongly, it is cloudy but no rain. The southern and southwestern seas of the island have smooth waves, clear blue water, and gentle golden sunshine, creating a poetic natural landscape.

Here are 8 experiences visitors should not miss when coming to Con Dao in the windy season.

Admire the blooming apricot blossom

Every spring, apricot trees in Con Dao begin to bloom on both sides of the road. People here call it Con Dao cherry blossom. The place where apricot blossoms bloom the most is the pass from the center of the island to Co Ong airport. You can rent a motorbike and stop at many spots with apricot blossoms to take pictures, admire the scenery and breathe in the salty air of the sea.

8 unforgettable experiences in Con Dao in the windy season
Apricot flowers bloom on both sides of the road to Dam Trau beach. Photo: Vinh Bear

Watch the sunset on Nhat beach

The road from Shark Cape to Nhat beach is impressive with its curves around mountains and burning grass hills and is most beautiful when the sun goes down. Park your car on the side of the road, sit in the car and watch the sun at the end of the day, enjoy the wind, listen to the sound of the waves crashing… giving you a feeling of lightness, romance, and peace.

The road to Nhat beach at sunset. Photo: Vinh Bear

Swimming at the beach with the plane overhead

Dam Trau beach right next to Co Ong airport is also one of the beautiful sunset spots. Here, you can check in the scene of the plane landing close to the head. The water here is clear and quite calm. But if you swim in the sea, it’s best to wear a life jacket because the windy season and the waves can push you far away from the shore.

At Dam Trau beach, visitors standing under the beach can clearly see the plane appearing from the air, flying right above their heads. Photo: Shutterstock/hecke61

Enjoy seafood at Ben Dam port

The sun is almost out, you can drive to Ben Dam port, add 30,000 VND to board a boat to take you to a raft house for dinner. Ben Dam Port is the anchorage of many rafts raising seafood. The seafood on the raft is not too cheap, but especially very fresh. Her breast snail, giant cochlea, hand snail, red lobster, ni-cap shrimp, red grouper, one-sun squid… are all fresh and delicious specialties that you should enjoy when coming to this place.

Visit cultural relics on the island

Con Dao also preserves many historical vestiges. You can spend a full day visiting the spiritual and cultural relics on the island such as Phi Yen temple, Cau Cai temple, Nui Mot pagoda. In particular, you should go to the place called “hell on earth” – a prison system built and existed for 113 years to imprison and torture revolutionary soldiers. Famous prison clusters include Tiger Cage, Cow Cage, Phu Hai Camp, Lo Voi Department, and Muoi Department.

You also do not miss points such as the island lord’s house, Ma Thien Lanh bridge, pier 914… to know more about the past.

At exactly 23 o’clock, you can visit the grave of Ms. Sau (Vo Thi Sau) in Hang Duong cemetery. Hang Duong Cemetery at night is magically shimmering by the light emitted by solar-powered lamps placed on more than 22,000 graves. This makes the place very mysterious.

Trekking in Con Dao National Park

Con Dao National Park covers an area of ​​nearly 6,000 hectares on land and 14,000 hectares in water. This place owns nearly 150 species of animals, 882 species of plants, of which many rare species are found only in Con Dao such as black squirrel, winged gecko, blue-faced mad bird, tropical bird, nicba pigeon .. You can walk through the forest to breathe in the fresh air, hear the birds chirping, see the colorful butterflies and many other animals.

Buy Con Dao gifts

If you want to find something to give as a gift to Con Dao, it’s bangla jam and earthen ginseng wine. Con Dao grows a lot of eagles and ginseng. On the streets, in the ruins of Con Dao prison, in the garden of the house, office, school… everywhere you can see the eagle tree. Bang gives the people of Con Dao shade and jam with almonds.

Ground ginseng wine is also one of the only things in Con Dao. The taste of ginseng is slightly sweet, pungent, and quite similar to Korean ginseng. Folks often take ground ginseng roots soaked in wine, chicken pot, duck stew to nourish the body and are chosen by many tourists to bring back to the mainland as a special gift.

Staying at Six Senses Con Dao

On the island, there are many hotels from budget to high-class for you to choose from, but if you have the conditions, you should stay at Six Senses Con Dao once. Located on Dat Doc beach, this 5-star resort has a design inspired by a coastal fishing village, always filled with natural light and sea breeze.

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