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Things to do in Xuyen Moc

BA RIA – VUNG TAU – Binh Chau Hot Springs, Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu Nature Reserve… attract tourists thanks to their wild beauty and many interesting experiences.

Things to do in Xuyen Moc
Xuyen Moc – the largest district of Ba Ria – Vung Tau has been favored by nature with a poetic and charming landscape with blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine. Visitors come here to enjoy swimming and feel the peaceful and calm beauty. Photo: Huu Khoa
After having fun swimming in the sea, visitors can visit Binh Chau – Phuoc Buu nature reserve to relax. This is a tropical rain forest close to the sea with many types of oil family trees, creating an ancient, wild and magical space, helping visitors to take beautiful and unique souvenir photos. Photo: NovaGroup
The forest consists of 3 main areas: trekking route around the forest, sanding area, and wildlife rescue area. Coming here, visitors will breathe fresh, cool air and immerse themselves in peaceful nature. Photo: CUA Studio
Tourists with relatives and friends can camp overnight in the primeval forest. The vast and majestic scenery of the forest will help you get rid of the fatigue in daily life. Photo: CUA Studio
Located in the middle of the vast primeval forest, Binh Chau hot spring is a gift that nature bestows on Ba Ria – Vung Tau province. There are many large public swimming pools for non-residents and many private spas for resort guests to stay. Among them are wabi-sabi mineral springs, Japanese-style onsen mineral pools, Greek mineral baths, German-style jacuzzis, Finnish-style hot and cold saunas, wine-soaked pools, and coffee-soaked pools. , herbal soak pool… Photo: NovaGroup
In shallow pools, the water is only about 40 degrees Celsius hot, visitors can soak their limbs to cure diseases. The interesting thing is that in this hot water area, the plants are still green and alive over the years, creating the wonderful beauty of nature. Photo: NovaGroup
Guests can splash around with friends and relatives in a therapeutic mineral mud bath that is both fun and relaxing. In particular, here, visitors will be able to check their pulse and get free health care advice from the doctors in the resort. Photo: NovaGroup
After taking a hot mineral bath, visitors participate in the activity of dropping a basket of eggs into a fuming mineral well. Mineral water in the hot well of 84 degrees Celsius is enough to make the eggs ripen and absorb the nutritious essences from nature after about 15 minutes of being soaked. Photo: NovaGroup
In the early morning, visitors walk under the endless green trees in the tropical rainforest, visit the zoo, play volleyball, ride a horse-drawn carriage or find thrills at the crocodile fishing area. Photo: NovaGroup
To explore and enjoy the beauty of Xuyen Moc to the fullest, visitors should stay a few days here. In the tourist areas and resorts, there are many types of resorts designed in novel styles such as tree houses, Eskimo tents, bungalows, glass villas… for visitors to fully immerse themselves in nature. Photo: NovaGroup