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Invite each other to check-in the most beautiful and famous camping sites in Vung Tau

Have you chosen for yourself the ideal camping site in the beautiful coastal city of Vung Tau? Let’s refer to the suggestions of the most “chill” camping sites in Vung Tau below with many interesting experiences with loved ones and friends.

The most popular camping sites in Vung Tau

Camping in Vung Tau, you have a lot of different suggestions about places depending on your preferences. Check out the most popular picnic spots in Vung Tau today below: 

1. Ho Coc Campground 

– Address: Highway 55, Hung Bien commune, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau province

– Price: Free

First of all, Ho Coc campsite is a favorite destination for many young people today. From Vung Tau city center to Ho Coc about 50km, this place has many high-class resorts next to each other and beautiful natural scenery. Experience camping in Ho Coc, you will be relaxed with beautiful beaches, clear water, and beautiful wild scenery. Ho Coc Campground is the ideal destination to enjoy a weekend getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Invite each other to check-in the most beautiful and famous camping sites in Vung Tau
Ho Coc campsite is loved by many young people. (Photo: @kiuu__)

The natural space in Ho Coc is extremely wild, the coast is surrounded by fine white sand. When camping in Ho Coc, you can set up a tent in the primeval forest or row of casuarinas, organize a campfire, and grill food by the beach. Let’s organize many memorable singing and fun activities here. Ho Coc beach area has shallow seawater, so you can enjoy bathing and having fun. In particular, for those of you departing from Saigon to Ho Coc, you can go through Suoi Nghe sheep field to visit and live virtual. 

An attractive destination chosen by many couples. (Photo: @qimelove)

2. Zenna Pool Camp Vung Tau

– Address: Tan Phuoc Hamlet, Phuoc Tinh Commune, Long Dien District, Vung Tau

The price fluctuates 200,000 VND / night (including the cost of renting a tent). If you bring your own tent, it costs 100,000 VND/person

If you are looking for a camping site in Vung Tau near the sea with the fresh natural scenery of immense blue poplar rows, then Zenna Pool Camp Vung Tau is the number one destination. From Saigon to Zenna Pool Camp Vung Tau about 3 hours by car, on the way, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and stop to live virtual. This plug-in area is 6.5ha wide, surrounded by soaring poplar trees and unspoiled beauty. 

Zenna Pool Camp Vung Tau is suitable for large groups. Photo: Quynh.anhht

Coming to Zenna Pool Camp Vung Tau, you can organize swimming, camping, bonfire, water fun activities… In the evening under the shimmering lights, it’s time to organize a BBQ party, singing, and dancing. , play. In particular, Zenna Pool Camp Vung Tau also owns beautiful virtual living corners. When camping at Zenna Pool Camp Vung Tau, you can combine visiting famous places in Long Hai such as Nuoc Ngot Pass, Dinh Co, Minh Dam mountain… 

Have a barbecue by the beach with your friends. Photo: __.ncd__

3. Paradise Vung Tau Campground

– Address: No. 01 Thuy Van, Nguyen An Ninh Ward, Vung Tau City

– Price fluctuates: 100,000 VND / person

Self-sufficient camping in Vung Tau, you can go to Paradise, located on Thuy Van Street in the city center, very convenient for transportation. Paradise Vung Tau stands out for its location close to the sea, fresh natural scenery with soaring poplar trees. 

Paradise Vung Tau Campground is located close to the sea

Coming to Paradise Vung Tau, you will enjoy relaxing moments away from the noise and dust of the city. Swimming together, walking sightseeing and playing golf. Camping at Paradise Vung Tau, you can organize campfire activities, teambuilding, BBQ parties and enjoy memorable moments with relatives and friends. With the advantage of convenient transportation, the beautiful scenery of Paradise is the most famous and favorite camping site in Vung Tau today that you should not ignore. 

Campfire to have fun all night with friends

4. Hodota Resort and Camping

– Address: Nuoc Man Bridge, Highway 55, Binh Chau, Vung Tau City, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria Vung Tau

– Camping price for the day: 50,000 VND – 100,000 VND / person

– Overnight camping price: 350,000 VND – 500,000 VND/person

Hodota Resort and Camping is a very famous Vung Tau wild camping site today, also known as Ho Do Ta Resort. Hodota Camping is located in the famous Suoi O marine ecological area in Vung Tau. Therefore, when choosing Hodota Camping as a camping site in Vung Tau, you will enjoy the wild beauty with soaring casuarina groves and stretching beaches. Coming to Hodota Camping, you can swim in the sea, admire the beautiful scenery and freely check in to live a beautiful virtual life. Along with many interesting fun activities such as kayaking, zipline swing, fishing, aerial walking, BBQ party, going to the market to buy seafood for processing… 

Live virtual at Hodota Resort and Camping. (Photo: @tam.33)

This campground has a large space, so it is very suitable for large groups of people and companies. You can choose a camping service at Hodota Camping or rent a beautifully designed bungalow to relax and have fun here. The price of a tent sleeping combo at Hodota Camping including a meal for 2 people fluctuates around 800,000 VND. 

The famous virtual check-in paradise in Vung Tau. (Photo: @meonie93)

5. Ho Tram . Campground

– Address: Hamlet Binh Trung, Binh Chau, Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria Vung Tau

– Price fluctuates: 350,000 VND / person 

Ho Tram is a famous camping site in Vung Tau in this beautiful coastal city that is extremely loved by young people. From the center of Vung Tau to Ho Tram about 30km, this place attracts tourists with its clear blue beach and long white sand. The reason why Ho Tram is chosen by many young people to camp is because of its location near the sea, and it is possible to combine exploring the primeval forest. To camp in Ho Tram, you need to buy an entrance ticket of 70,000 VND / person and have security so you can rest assured.

Ho Tram campsite has wild beauty. (Photo: @Hiep Rau)

Coming to Ho Tram beach, you will enjoy all kinds of fresh seafood, enjoy the fresh air and live a “chill” virtual life. In addition, you can also enjoy fishing, picnic and organize many attractive teambuilding activities. In the morning, you can go to the market early to buy seafood because people catch fresh and cheap. 

The extreme virtual living corners at Ho Tram beach. Photo: outdoorviet

Experience camping in Vung Tau

After “note” the famous places above, you should also understand the extremely useful camping experience in Vung Tau below:

– The most ideal time to camp in Vung Tau: You should go in the dry season so as not to be affected by sudden rains. The best time is from November to April next year. At this time, the weather in Vung Tau is sunny, less rainy, and cool, suitable for fun activities.

– Camping equipment: For those who are far away, you can rent tools and a grill to avoid carrying a lot of furniture. If you live nearby, you should bring camping gear from home to save money and not worry about whether the place offers tent service or not. 

– Food: You can bring food including pork, marinated chicken, sausages, vegetables, fruits, and drinks. In addition, at some camping sites in Vung Tau, there are catering services for visitors when required.

– Necessary items: You also need to bring personal belongings such as: Power bank, flashlight, lighter, long-sleeved shirt, insect spray, medicines, sunscreen, camera to live virtual …

Hopefully, the information shared above will help you choose for yourself the most ideal camping site in Vung Tau to relieve stress on the weekend . Do not forget to “pocket” Vung Tau’s travel experience

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