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Vung Tau East Sea tourist area: Super fun weekend rendezvous and don’t want to return!

Vung Tau East Sea tourist area is an attractive destination for tourists on the weekend with its large space, and clear blue beach ideal for participating in many fun activities and taking a relaxing bath. Let’s form a team of friends and aunties to discover this famous entertainment paradise in Vung Tau !

Locating coordinates of the East Sea tourist area 

East Sea tourist area is located at 8 Thuy Van, Thang Tam ward, Vung Tau city. With a location right behind Thuy Van beach, this place attracts visitors with beautiful beaches, a long coastline and resort services suitable for relaxing with family and friends on the weekend. 

Contact Info:

– Address: Located at No. 8 Thuy Van, Thang Tam Ward, Vung Tau City

– Contact: (02543) 816 318 – (02543) 526 705 – (02543) 526 365

– Fanpage: East Sea Tourist Area – Vung Tau City.

East Sea tourist area is a favorite place to relax in Vung Tau

How to move to the East Sea tourist area?  

Vung Tau East Sea tourist area is about 1.24km from Vung Tau city center and about 98km from Saigon. Therefore, you can choose from many different types of vehicles to move to the tourist area.

– From Saigon, you follow the Cat Lai ferry route or Suoi Tien street to reach Vung Tau city. 

– From the center of Vung Tau, you can follow the route Ba Thang Hai/QL51C for about 20 minutes to reach the resort. Or you can follow Nguyen Tri Phuong street to Truong Cong Dinh street -> turn to Le Hong Phong street -> go through Thang Tam -> follow Nguyen Chi Thanh street to come to Thuy Van beach. The road is very wide and open, if you do not know the way you can ask the people they will guide you wholeheartedly.

How to move to the East Sea tourist area from Vung Tau center?

What to play in the East Sea resort of Vung Tau?

What does Vung Tau East Sea tourist area have ? The resort has a large coastline suitable for relaxing and bathing. Immerse yourself in the cool water, whispering waves and blue sea, white sand, golden sunshine suitable for relaxation after a stressful working week.

Swimming pool inside East Sea resort

The beach in the East Sea tourist area is very large and can accommodate thousands of tourists. Besides swimming, you can also participate in many attractive teambuilding activities with family, groups… In addition, visitors can also participate in attractive entertainment games on the beach such as: windsurfing, water skiing. , parachute.

Vung Tau East Sea tourist area: Super fun weekend rendezvous and don’t want to return!
Close-up of the large amusement park in the East Sea tourist area

Vung Tau East Sea tourist area is an ideal destination to organize fun activities and picnics for families, employees, students – students. You can go during the day or go on 2 weekends and camp overnight with very interesting campfire and grilling activities.

The resort is the leading resort complex in Vung Tau

This place has also been chosen as the venue for major sports and cultural and tourism events. Especially the International Kite Festival, gymnastics festival, sand sculpture competition, bicycle racing, beach or volleyball tournament with national scale…

Enjoy playing and flying kites at the resort

What to eat, where to stay in the East Sea tourist area?

Regarding dining at the East Sea resort of Vung Tau , there are all 5 restaurants with locations right next to the beach for you to choose to enjoy fresh seafood dishes such as: 

– Sea Flower Restaurant

– Starfish Restaurant

– Golden Scallop Restaurant

– Huong Bien Restaurant

– Dolphin swimming pool restaurant

The dining menu at the restaurant in Vung Tau is very diverse with many delicious dishes and beautifully decorated for you to choose from. In particular, the restaurant has a beautiful romantic sea view, along with a professional staff. 

Regarding accommodation in the East Sea tourist area, there are 27 comfortable and luxurious rooms for you to choose for your stay. If you go in a large group, you can rent a tent to set up an overnight camp. However, if you go on weekends or Tet holidays, you should pay attention to book early to avoid running out of rooms.

Luxury sea view restaurant in East Sea resort

Notes when going to Vung Tau East Sea resort 

Let’s “pocket” the following useful notes when discovering the upcoming East Sea resort of Vung Tau !

– You should check the weather forecast before going to avoid rainy days that will affect swimming and playing.

– In terms of dining, you can bring ready-to-eat food, barbecue or eat at the resort’s restaurant with very affordable prices. 

– Bring beachwear, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera to live virtual… 

– If you have time, you can combine visiting the statue of Christ, Vung Tau lighthouse , Front Beach…

If you are looking for a place to have fun and relax on the weekend, the East Sea resort of Vung Tau is the ideal destination that you should not miss. Hope the above sharing will help you have the most perfect trip. In addition, you can refer to: Detailed Vung Tau travel experience 

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