07.06.2021, 21:35

The boy ‘captures’ the beautiful scenery of his hometown in the rearview mirror

LONG AN  – The 28-year-old general doctor took pictures of Vinh Hung countryside through the rearview mirror, attracting the attention of the community.

Huynh Tuan Kiet, born in 1993, is currently a newly graduated general practitioner, living in Vinh Hung district. Having a desire to share pictures of his hometown to more people, Kiet spends his free time hunting for photos. The young man attracted attention in groups that love travel and photography with his series of photos of the Southwest countryside, especially among them a series of photos of the countryside of Vinh Hung through the rearview mirror.

The boy ‘captures’ the beautiful scenery of his hometown in the rearview mirror
Western boy has a passion for “roaming” by motorbike to take pictures. Photo: NVCC

Vinh Hung is a border district with Cambodia, although quite new on the tourist map, it is still attracted by its peaceful features and stretching rice fields. “Passion for photography is a factor that helps me to share pictures of my hometown everywhere. I want people to know that my hometown is a remote border area but the natural beauty is not inferior to any other region.. “, said Kiet.

Through the rearview mirror of Kiet’s motorcycle, Vinh Hung’s image appears peaceful and colorful. The series of photos attracted the attention of the travel and photography-loving communities thanks to their unique and simple ideas. “I have a habit of wandering around when I’m sad. I once went through a road with phoenix flowers, looked in the rearview mirror and saw the flowers appear very beautiful. I suddenly had the idea of ​​”miniature” my hometown into the mirror So I found out what beautiful places my district had and started to practice taking pictures through the mirror.The set of photos that I posted online was completed in a week, including taking and editing photos. camera, so all my photos are taken with my phone,” Kiet said about the idea of ​​this unique set of photos.

Kiet shared, the journey of taking photos left him with many unforgettable memories. The boy often goes on a photo shoot alone, with only a motorbike and a phone. “The memory that I remember the most is on a rainy day, when I was crossing a slippery rope bridge. At that time, a woman in her 30s drove up the bridge and fell, I went out to help her to cross the bridge. She thanked me profusely and kept asking me where I went and got caught in the rain and I answered “photography.” After that, it took a long time to explain to her what paparazzi are. She also asked me to take pictures. Is that how you get money …”, Kiet laughed.

The set of photos taken through the rear-view mirror of the guy has now received a total of more than 5,000 likes from personal pages and groups on Facebook, with most of the comments praising good and creative ideas. The set of photos also helps Vinh Hung countryside to be known by more travel lovers. According to Kiet, the current set of photos has reached 200 photos. However, the complicated epidemic situation made taking photos temporarily hindered and delayed. Instead of taking photos of crowded places or tourist and entertainment spots, Kiet mainly shoots on roads where few people go on country roads.

The picture of his mother in the field is Kiet’s favorite work. Although not as many likes as other landscape photos, for Kiet, “mother is the best”. Photo: NVCC

“If possible, I want to implement this idea in all 63 provinces and cities. However, it will probably be a long time before I can do it because I’m a new doctor,” said Kiet.