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Take a month off from work, take your four-year-old son across Vietnam

On a bad day in Hanoi, Thu Trang’s family decided to take a car to travel across Vietnam for a month, taking their children to the forest and down to the sea.

Thu Trang and her husband, 32 years old, took their son Khoi Nguyen, 4 and a half years old, across Vietnam, one day at the end of March. The trip was decided in one day, but Ms. Trang shared that this was a dream from 10 years ago. , had a long time preparation cost, health.

Families travel by personal 7-seater car to take the initiative in the journey and ensure privacy and safety. Starting from Hanoi, they visited many northern provinces before going along the Central Highlands and vice versa through the seas of Da Nang, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon… In the picture is Hoang Hau beach in Quy Nhon.

In Da Nang, they spent a day at the campsite in Hoa Bac where Nguyen ran, played, bathed in streams, camped and barbecued on the lawn. At night, the whole family sleeps in a tent, and waking up in the morning is the whole blue sky in front of them.

Trang shared that because she traveled through Vietnam with her baby, most of them stayed at hotels and resorts, in addition to camping sites with enough facilities. Nguyen used to be taken by his parents to travel all over the country, Japan, China, Maldives… from the age of 4 months, so he was used to moving, playing and taking pictures. In the car, she also prepared many snacks and rest cushions for Nguyen.

“Wandering along the road, if there is anything delicious, my husband will stop for me to buy it. If it’s a beautiful place, I’ll take pictures. Nguyen eats while walking, and when he’s tired, he’ll rest in the back seat,” Trang said.

During the journey, they also came to Pleiku city, Gia Lai and visited the lake, also known as Ea Nueng lake. Here, Trang and Nguyen are in awe of the many large fan fields in Dak Doa, where the sunset is captivating.

In Buon Ma Thuot, Nguyen admired the beauty of the Dray Nur waterfall and the coffee museum. “I asked myself a thousand questions why in front of this majestic waterfall. That’s what I hope I can learn many practical things, peace with nature, animals…”, Trang said.

Hydrangea flower field in Da Lat. Mac Ky Nhu, Trang’s husband, is a photographer, so his hobby is taking lots of beautiful pictures for his wife and children. In order for the whole family to travel through Vietnam, both have to temporarily put aside business for a month, but for them, the good memories together are the most precious.

Mother and daughter at a coffee shop in Da Lat. The page shares that she loves the dreamy look of the “city of thousands of flowers”, not bored for a month in 20 days.

After visiting Ho Chi Minh City, they returned to Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, and Binh Thuan on the 14th day of the journey. The family stayed at Centara Mirage Resort Mui Ne by the sea with an infinity pool that Nguyen loved so much.

Every day Nguyen is eager to ask where he will go, which hotel to stay in, swim in the sea or play in the sand… The most memorable memory of the journey is when he can go through the straight coastal road of Phan Thiet, when it is the sea when it is high sand dunes and visiting Ninh Thuan vineyard. Nguyen said, “I think the scene is so beautiful, Mom, I will never forget it in my head”.

Because the trip was quite unexpected, they did not set a budget. But the couple shared the most comfortable spending on rest, eating and sightseeing because it would be a long time before the whole family could travel through Vietnam together. Pictured is the sea of ​​Phu Yen on a sunny day.

The journey of more than 20 days for a small family ended in a peaceful sunset in Hoi An, Quang Nam. Khoi Nguyen sat and played with the dog, then stretched out to inhale the aroma of rice, when bored, he turned to hug his mother and said he loved her the most in life…

Their next plan is to go hand in hand to explore all of Europe this fall so that their child’s childhood will be even more memorable.

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