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How Sungroup turned the South Island into a colorful destination

After the Fashion Voyage # 3 show in March, Nam Ngoc Island made a mark in the hearts of visitors for a colorful destination of fashion and architecture.

In March, the third handshake between Sun Group and young director Long Kan brought Nam Phu Quoc a vibrant event in Vietnam’s first island city. Fashion Voyage # 3 fashion show takes place in the heart of the South Island, which is known as the Mediterranean in the heart of Phu Quoc – Sun Premier Village Primavera project complex.

The event brings together famous names in the Vietnamese fashion village such as designer Adrian Anh Tuan, Le Thanh Hoa or Vo Cong Khanh, and many talented young designers. The show also brought together many famous faces such as supermodel Thanh Hang, Minh Tu, Hoang Thuy, runner-up Phuong Anh – the program’s tourism ambassador, Miss Truc Diem, film actress Truong Ngoc Anh …

Two shows, two unique catwalks, collections that capture the moment of nature, sea and sky and sunset on Nam Ngoc Island …, Fashion Voyage # 3 brings Nam Ngoc Island sublimation. The show also sketched the first drawings of a colorful and prosperous South Phu Quoc, with the focus on Sun Premier Village Primavera.

The runway floors “across the sea and sky”

Southern Pearl Island

The colorful old street of “Mediterranean town” on An Thoi beach becomes a catwalk suitable for the “11km” collection of designer Vo Cong Khanh and 7 young designers at the show. Street show day 1. The 9-layer faux Italian theming paint, the unique color layout of the shops on both sides, turns the city into colorful ribbons, squeezing the shadow of the South Island sunset, highlighting the beauty of each outfit. costume.

The second stage of The Show stood out and winding on the water of the infinity pool at the Central Village of the Sun Premier Village Primavera complex, with elaborate layers of artistic langurs, creating a harmonious whole. Red sun and bright fashionable outfits.

How Sungroup turned the South Island into a colorful destination

Some people liken this fashion catwalk to a colorful fish tail emerging from the sea. Some consider this runway floor as the second ribbon of Fashion Voyage # 3. But whatever the imaginary image is, with this special catwalk, Long Kan has made the magical sunset of the South Island into the “muse” of fashion followers.

Admiring the way Long Kan created unique catwalks, runner Phuong Anh – the tourism ambassador of the program shared:

“Phuong Anh herself has attended big fashion shows like Vietnam Fashion Week or some stages directed by Mr. Long Kan, but surely what Phuong Anh has just experienced at Fashion Voyage # 3 is amazing and most impressive. As a tourism ambassador, Phuong Anh will spread the charm and impression of this fashion catwalk in South Phu Quoc so that many people can experience sublimation emotions like Phuong Anh ”.

The reunion between

Architecture and Fashion

It is no coincidence that director Long Kan brought the tour “Rong chasing the sun” to the South of the island. The director of Fashion Voyage # 3 said he “fell in love” with the town at first sight. It is the ancient colorful architecture here that inspired Long Kan to choose this place for Fashion Voyage # 3.

“When I first came to Sun Premier Village Primavera, I was overwhelmed with this space by the architecture, the colors, the layers of the street. I also wish to own a house with sea view here, to take a leisurely afternoon walk on the streets, slopes, or watch the sunset by a cocktail to dream and create “Long Kan shares. .

Fashion history shows that many architectural works have inspired designers, fashion show directors and vice versa. The designers put shapes, materials, even century works such as the leaning tower of Pisa, Sydney theater … into the fashion collection. And architects put lines of silk, wool or cotton on roofs, walls, columns … to soften their works.

Many famous fashion brands have chosen the top-notch architectures to be the stage for their lifetime collections. For example, Fendi set up the stage for the Fall / Winter 2007 collection on the Great Wall, Pierre Cardin chose Silk Road as the catwalk for the 2008 spring-summer collection, or Chanel chose the Grand Palais Museum as the venue for the collection. Fall / Winter 2018/19 episode.

For the grave, true fashion is only perfect when the designs are placed in a unique performance space. As the silver head Karl Lagerfeld said: “Fashion is now also a form of entertainment. If the show only has boring white walls with models walking around, no one will care ” .

At Fashion Voyage # 3, fans witnessed the image of curved domes, confetti-colored balconies at Sun Premier Village Primavera going into the design of designer Vo Cong Khanh and 7 young designers.

“I’ve always thought these alleyways and slopes are only available when I go abroad. And in Vietnam, I saw it for the first time. I was surprised with the design, architecture here, especially the paint colors have a transition like the painting “, designer Vo Cong Khanh said.

“With this architecture, the top 7 designers have put the iconic images of Central Village, the Clock Tower or streets, into their costumes through forms such as 3D printing to the abstraction of color strips. are the streets along the coast ”.


in tune with nature

Seeing Sun Premier Village Primavera in the sunset of South Phu Quoc, many people also acknowledge that, if not the Mediterranean-inspired architecture brought here by Sun Group, there might be no more suitable style. . Because, the architecture from that distant Italian coast is in tune with the beautiful moments of this nature.

Like the sunset of the Amalfi coast, Postino captivates millions of tourists, in Sun Premier Village Primava, those who once enjoyed the moment when the red and purple bands of the sun gradually cover the entire space are enchanted and said that the town of the Southern Mediterranean Ngoc Island is one of the most beautiful sunset spots in Vietnam.

That is also the impression of designer Le Thanh Hoa when looking at the unique architectural streets facing the sea of ​​the Mediterranean, especially at sunset.

“The sparkling sea surface is as attractive as gems that will make you unable to take your eyes off. Add to that the beautiful colors of the sunset here. You will witness a spectacular change in color from yellow, to orange to purple rose, one of the places that can be said to be the most beautiful sunset in Vietnam as well as in the world ”

Le Thanh Hoa described sunset at Sun Premier Village Primavera.

Designer Le Thanh Hoa’s collection in Fashion Voyage Show # 3 was inspired by the change of time and space during a sunset at sea.

Starting with the pristine white clouds, Le Thanh Hoa skillfully used elegant beige tones, followed by the attractive yellow color that is the trend of this summer that makes every girl stand out. then the afternoon sunlight falls from orange to purple rose. The designer also applies color-shift dyeing techniques, creating visual-effect costumes, such as a vivid sunset color band in the late afternoon of Phu Quoc island.

“If the winding lemon-scented streets of the prosperous Mediterranean sea have produced legendary artisans, the romantic space of Sun Premier Village Primavera has given wings. many impressive works of art by artists like Le Thanh Hoa ”, described by Sun Group.

New arrivals

of festivals

Bringing the Mediterranean town back to Phu Quoc, Sun Group shapes this place as a prosperous port of the South Island, which not only captures visitors by natural scenery, rare terrain or iconic works. but also swept visitors into the world of festivities all year round.

Fashion Voyage # 3 by director Long Kan opens the fascinating experiences that await visitors when coming to South Phu Quoc in 2021. In April, the summer of the summer month, the South Island region continues to welcome new colors with new colors. Food event on the planet’s most beautiful beach. Followed by events to explore Vietnamese architecture, experience the Mediterranean lifestyle, travel to the land of billionaires … In 2021, 12 festive seasons will continue, bringing new vitality to the South of the island. .

In the coming time, Sun Group will bring to the Mediterranean town of Vortex performance technology … At that time, visitors will experience first-hand the famous water music show Wings Of Time in Sentosa (Singapore), full of eyes in front of the screen above. The sea is made up of visual effects such as: projection of video on the mist, laser light technology, water music technology, fireworks, fire effects …

Thousands of tourists will flock here every night to wait for these shows, as expected by the head of the island city, Mr. Huynh Quang Hung, President of Phu Quoc City. According to Mr. Hung, in 2020, Sun Group has organized many cultural and artistic activities in the South of the island. In particular, at the end of the year, there is a countdown event to welcome the year 2021, a fashion show or Christmas event.

“These events attract a large number of tourists to Phu Quoc Island and they are very interested in cultural events here because tourism services must go hand in hand with the culture and arts. This will also be a highlight, creating better value for Phu Quoc tourism in the coming time ”, said President of Phu Quoc City.

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