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Fisherman hit by sesame snail

BINH THUAN – After Tet, a fisherman in Mui Ne ward who works in a net continuously wins a sesame snail (also known as a fat snail), each earning 2-3 million a day.

In recent days, the fishing village of Mui Ne (Phan Thiet City) is bustling again despite unfavorable weather. Around 6 a.m., Mr. Dinh Thanh Trung (40 years old, fisherman in Mui Ne ward) pulled a basket boat onto the sandbank of the dike. The boat is filled with sesame snails, each one is bigger than two hands clasped together.

Unable to push the basket ashore, Mr. Trung asked his colleagues to help bring the basket into the camp about 10m inside to remove the net. There were too many snails caught in the net, so Mr. Trung called 3 more relatives in the neighborhood to help remove them in time to sell to traders.

More than 100 kg of sesame snails were removed from the net one by one, and Trung sold them to local seafood traders for 30,000 VND per kg. On this trip, he earned more than 3 million dongs, an income 4 times larger than a normal day. “After Tet, the sea is lucky and the income is so good, everyone is happy,” Trung said.($1=24,000 VND)

Fisherman hit by sesame snail
Fisherman Dinh Thanh Trung and his relatives remove sesame snails after returning from fishing. Photo: Viet Quoc

After the windy New Year, the fish rarely closed the net, so Mr. Trung and many colleagues switched to snail netting with nets. In the afternoon, the fishermen drive the motorized baskets (one for each person) to drop nets in the area about 9-10 nautical miles (nearly 20 km) from the shore, then return. At 2-3 o’clock the next day, they ran out to collect nets and bring them back to the shore to sell snails.

On the wharf, fisherman Tran Van Mon and his wife quickly removed the round sesame snails from the net. Mr. Mon said that the Mui Ne beach has appeared quite thick these days. Two days in a row, he won. The first day he was approximately 100 kg, the next day more than 120 kg.

“A day, I can hit more than a quintal, minus expenses, pocket about 3 million, really tired but have income, feel very happy,” said Mon fisherman and said he will continue to beat this snail for a few more days. .

After selling snails, around 10am, Mon and his colleagues shook off the nets, neatly arranged them, and left them on the basket boat. The fishermen come back for lunch, rest, and then drive the baskets to the sea to drop their nets around 1 p.m.

Sesame snails at Mui Ne wharf are put in large bags and transported to seafood granaries. Photo: Viet Quoc

Mrs. Gai, who collects snails at the wharf, said that on average, she buys more than a ton of sesame snails every day. These snails she will give up for restaurants and markets in the area. Snails are also sold to seafood granaries transported to Saigon and southern provinces for consumption.

“Last year and the year before the epidemic season, the market was broken, the price of sesame snails was 10-20 thousand, this year the price increased to 30,000 a kilogram,” said Mrs. Gai.

According to some restaurant and restaurant chefs in Phan Thiet City, although it is not as good as the incense snail and her breast snail, it will be delicious if it can be cooked thanks to its rich and fatty meat. In addition to steaming with salt and pepper or stir-frying with chili and pepper, sesame snail meat is also processed into a very strange salad that many people like.

 ( According to vnexpress )

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