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Grapefruit, watermelon shaped, collecting millions of money to attract customers

The market for shaped fruit has slowed down a bit since 27 Tet due to epidemics, but before that, the purchasing power was still very good due to the scarcity of beautiful goods.

Serving the needs of gifts and Tet, the market for shaped fruits such as pomelo / coconut, gold-bar grapefruit / coconut, mango with calligraphy … started exciting from the full moon of December. Depending on the number of kilograms of each fruit, the quality of the letters on the fruit, the color and the leaf stalk … that prices vary.

Accordingly, pomelo pomelo ranges from 650,000 VND to 2.4 million VND per pair. Particularly, some of the most advanced pairs of products cost up to 2.8 million VND. With pomelo gold bars, the selling price is even more expensive, ranging from 1.2 to 4 million VND per pair.

Meanwhile, gold-shelled watermelon costs VND 1-3.5 million per pair, square-shaped Chinese watermelon with golden skin costs VND 3-3.5 million per pair. According to retailers, pomelos can be shaped for 25-30 days, while watermelon is 15-25 days.

Ms. Thuy Vy, a seller of shaped fruit in Binh Thanh (HCMC), commented that this year the price has not increased much and the disease is still selling well. Most customers book in advance wishing to have beautiful goods to give gifts or Tet.

Grapefruit, watermelon shaped, collecting millions of money to attract customers
Watermelon from a lake in a field grown in Dong Thap. Photo: An Thien Phuc.

A representative of a wholesaler of shaped fruit in Lai Vung (Dong Thap) said that by 22 Tet, the agent had sold all of the gold bars of watermelon, and one day later, the watermelon was still small. On the 27th of the Lunar New Year, this agent stopped trading shaped fruit because it was out of stock.

“Covid-19 is limited to going out, but the need to buy exotic fruits to display or display offerings remains the same. Many customers want to buy more but my side no longer has to sell. All watermelon fields are covered, but 1,000 fruits are only for choosing 50-60 fruits can be created, “he said.

Mr. Huynh Thanh Tam, a person with many years of experience in the field of shaping fruit in Ben Tre, said that in fact the market needs about 10,000 fruit forming products of all kinds in the Tet season, but the gardeners almost not enough. Currently, these products are mainly produced by some gardeners in Ben Tre, Dong Thap, Hau Giang, Vinh Long, Dong Nai, Vung Tau …

A sample of grapefruit gold bars at Ben Tre garden house. Photo: Thanh Tam.

However, this year’s beautiful models are few due to weather conditions and improper care in some places. “Rain at the end of the year is waterlogged fruits shaped by mold,” explained An in Dong Thap.

Meanwhile, 1,500 shaped pomelo fruits of Mr. Tam were also damaged up to 70%. “A chain of high-end fruit shops on Nguyen Tri Phuong Street, Ho Chi Minh City also only selected more than 40 my coconut coconuts”, he said.

The purchasing power of fruit has formed quite well over the past time, but according to Mr. Tam, the market is showing signs of slowing down in some segments when many cases of Covid-19 infection were announced on 27 Tet.

“I have a 50% discount on my orders, some just announced to cancel the order and cancel the deposit”, Mr. Tam said that some high-segment products with canceled orders must accept a discount to sell to the market segment in time for Tet. . “But with this translation, traders selling to the market have been cautious now, importing less”, he said.

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