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Vietnamese boy wins international landscape photography gold award

The autumn scene of Suoi Tia in Lam Dong by 8X photographer Cao Ky Nhan won the gold prize of the international panorama photo contest 2021.

Photographer Cao Ky Nhan, the native of Phu Yen, currently living and working in Ho Chi Minh City, is the only Vietnamese to win the gold award with the photo “Autumn love song” taken at Suoi Tia, recently published. try. He has scored 94/100 points, ranked 4th in the top 50 most beautiful panoramic photos of the amateur category.

The Epson International Pano Awards is a large-scale panoramic photo contest that brings together world-renowned landscape photographers. This is the 12th year the contest has been held, attracting 5,378 works by 1,245 photographers from 97 countries and territories, competing in the landscape and architecture categories, the Open category, and the Open category. Amateur (non-professional). The jury will score on a scale of 70 to 79 bronze, 80 to 85 silver, and 86 to 100 gold. In which the 50 best photos are also ranked and announced.

Vietnamese boy wins international landscape photography gold award
The photo that won the EPSON 2021 gold award was taken in the autumn by Ky Nhan’s Suoi Tia.

Sharing about the winning photo, Nhan said: “I took it in 2019, the highlight is the boatman rowing slowly on a corner of the flooded forest in Suoi Tia, Da Lat. It has poetic beauty in the mountains. In different seasons, it becomes even more fanciful in the autumn days when the mist spreads on the lake. This is also a favorite photography location of photographers in Da Lat in particular and Vietnam in general.”

Tuyen Lam Lake, about 6 km from the center of Da Lat city, with an area of ​​​​more than 350 hectares, originates from the Tia stream. In the 30s of the 20th century, Mr. Farraut, a Frenchman who had lived for a long time in Da Lat, rented this area to make a farm, and at the same time renovated it into a resort. In 1987, Lam Dong Irrigation Corporation built a large dam across the Tia stream, creating Tuyen Lam Lake.

In addition to the photo above, Cao Ky Nhan also has the picture “Quiet” (Quiet) capturing the beauty of the mountains and hills hidden in the morning mist at B’lao, Bao Loc in 2019, winning the bronze prize in the category of landscape photos. the scene, 77/100 points.

Author Cao Ky Nhan during the snowy photography session in Nhiu Co San, Bat Xat, Lao Cai in January 2021.

Landscape, weather, and shooting time are important factors for a good landscape photo. Photographers sometimes have to go back and forth a lot to get a good picture. Nhan shared, the photo by Tia stream is lucky when the first time I came to take a photo, I had a good photo. But with the Quiet photo, it took until the fourth time to succeed.

Because of his passion for photography, Nhan rarely participates in photography contests. Initially, he did not intend to participate in this contest because the fees were quite expensive. But the Covid-19 period stayed at home for 4 months, so he thought about sending a test photo. And luck smiled.

“It is undeniable that landscape photography is only for those who love to explore, enjoy beautiful sights, and are nature lovers. Landscape photos are also a way for photographers to promote beautiful scenes. homeland to domestic and international readers,” he added.

Photographer Cao Ky Nhan is known as travel inspiration for traveling souls through many beautiful photos of the landscape of his homeland and the rhythm of Vietnamese life. He entered the photography path at the end of 2016. Since then, he has also started to explore all parts of the country, currently “hunting” about 40 provinces in Vietnam, but the place where he takes the most photos is there. is the hometown of Phu Yen. He hopes the rhythm of life will return to normal so that he can continue to experience and photograph in the beautiful lands of Vietnam.

Photo: Cao Ky Nhan

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