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‘Unique’ in the West: The house has more than 100 antiques priced at tens of billions of dong.

At Mr. Nguyen Dinh Tan’s house (45 years old, living in group 2, TT. Lai Vang, Lai Vung district, Dong Thap province), everyone was overwhelmed with the “flower ceremony” with more than 100 antiques worth tens of dong. .

Don’t pay the price for a long time

Tan’s house is a beautiful Southern house, hundreds of meters wide, displaying more than 100 “unique” antiques that make anyone who sees it must be in awe.

The house was assembled from many old houses and 100 rare antiques worth tens of billions of dong.

“Occasion brought me to antiques, from then on I realized that every antique has a spirit, the one I love and appreciate it, it will surely sink to me or pave the way for me. ᴛfind to. Since then, I have rekindled my passion and then I have burned my voice to show it so far”, Mr. Tan shared.

At the beginning of 1997, when he visited a friend’s house, he saw the second bed and the beautiful coffin, but left it in the yard, so he begged for mercy. After the fire, the “owner” agreed to exchange the bed for the mobile phone Mr. Tan was using.

By the end of 1997, when he heard that friends in Tay Ninh had a pair of dragons, he immediately went to the place to find out and was mesmerized. Returning, he decided to sell some land in his hometown to collect money for a long-silent grave for 1.8 billion dong.

Mr. Tan with the collected antiques

The long sieve has a length of 2.5 m, a width of 2 m, weighs more than 1 inch, made of oak wood. The floor has 8 large marble punches, which are used to make machines for sleeping people. The entire front, bottom, and bottom of the face are carved, everywhere, carefully carved with dozens of mother-of-pearl with many delicate patterns. The ceiling is assembled from small shiny black wooden slats.

The dragon sieve costs nearly 4 billion VND (at present) of Mr. Tan

As if to prove something special, Mr. Tan put his body on the wooden slats above the long sieve and said that with the weight of an executive of more than 80 pounds, he was unharmed. Currently, many people are willing to drop the price up to nearly 4 billion dong, but he refuses to accept it.

Many old houses reassemble a house in many seasons

In order to have a place to display the collection of rare and precious antiques, in 2017, Mr. Tan asked many people to go everywhere to find a satisfactory old Southern house.

Only proudly entering the grave house, Mr. Tan excitedly said that the house has a utility of over 200 m 2 . This is a type of Southern ruong house, tile roof, complete with precious wood such as wood, iron, car seat, Hao Lao, rosemary, Christmas incense …

“In order to have a house like a modern one, I had to work very hard to ask someone to find an old house in Tien Giang province. After that, he searched all over the place, only to find one more old house, and then a skilled dealer to get to the place where he reassembled a complete old house”, Mr. Tan told him.

Mr. Tan and his army are worth hundreds of millions of dong.

After more than 20 years of swimming, Mr. Tan now owns about 100 antique dishes worth tens of billions of dong, of which there are many unique items such as: the collection of the North-Truong Church – Men, enough wine, enough clothes, counters… and many sets of furniture, precious wooden objects.

There are also a pair of red copper vases weighing 240 ⱪg, a pair of red bronze cranes weighing more than 40 ⱪg… and many valuable objects such as a cold copper chicken iron, an antique telephone, an antique eyeglass, an antique slitting machine, Antique… These items are worth from a few tens of millions of dollars to billions of dong.

Mr. Tan and his altar

Mr. Tan and the North worshiping bowl

Mr. Tan and enough to worship the South

Inviting PV to see the very unique collection of dam of the North – Trang – South, Mr. Tan said: “Each piece is worth from 200 million VND to more than 600 million VND.

A special feature in each bowl is that there are up to 18 tanned and mother-of-pearl plates engraved with useful images and characteristics of each region or region. In particular, images carved with mother-of-pearl will emerge “looking like extremely beautiful and sharp 3D paintings”.

In order to have the current collection of dam, Mr. Tan has spent a lot of money to pay for the team of “hunting” to find antiques of up to dozens of people. In addition, he also added experts to evaluate and identify ancient antiques before the land.

“Many people have come to sell antiques in the collection, but some refuse to sell them, because it’s my passion and priceless,” said Mr. Tan.

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