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Sapa winter enthusiasts

Nguyen Van Thi for the past 3 years has traveled to Sapa many times at the end of the year to hunt for pictures only available in winter.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thi (33 years old) in Hanoi, started touring the Northern provinces and fell in love with landscape photography at the end of 2018. He has been to Lao Cai 6 times to hunt for photos, but the most impressive is still the trip. Composed on the occasion of snowfall in Fansipan on the right day of the New Year of the Ox.

“Excited because I have never seen snow since I was a child, I did not miss the opportunity to arrange my things, contact a few friends in Sa Pa in advance, and then take a bus to go right in the night. The next morning, fortunately, one of the people who went to Fansipan was the earliest, when the snow covered everywhere had not yet imprinted human footprints. It’s really beautiful and overwhelming, the emotion is indescribable, I don’t know what to do but pick up the camera and take a photo,” said Mr. Van Thi.

The work of Nguyen Van Thi’s mind invariable in the course of a life of many variables won the consolation prize, realistic photo category at the Young Photography Festival announced in October. The picture has the background of the Great Amitabha Buddha statue on Fansipan on Fansipan. In the middle of the snowy winter earlier this year, the shooting angle was noticed by the author in previous shots.

The Buddha image is the embodiment of well-being. Buddhism encourages people to live well to perfect their behavior, keep their faith steadfast in the face of difficulties and temptations around, and lead us away from the greed, hatred, and delusion of life. That’s why Van Thi named the photo as above.

The cluster of works Bich Van Thien Tu on Fansipan in the white snow, built in the pure Vietnamese ancient pagoda architectural style, is a place where tourists and Buddhists from all over the world come to visit and worship during the holiday and Tet season.

Frost and snow cover the lamp at Do Quyen station – departure station of Fansipan mountain train on February 9, located in Thanh Phong Thien Tu area.

Sa Pa is a famous tourist destination with many beautiful landscapes, especially in the year-end cloud season. In the photo is a sunrise scene taken on December 27, 2020 on Hau Thao, one of the places that still preserve unspoiled natural beauty, about 7 km from Sa Pa. In the distance is Ham Rong mountain with the highest point of 1,850 m, one of the beautiful places to hunt clouds.

Clouds float over the church of Hau Thao parish, Hang Da village, Muong Hoa commune. Before hunting clouds, visitors should check the weather forecast, if the day before it is still reporting rain and the next day it is sunny, there is a high chance of meeting a sea of ​​clouds.

Coming to the center of Sa Pa town, visitors can’t ignore the Stone Church, an ancient symbol in the middle of the mountain town, built by the French in the early 20th century. This Catholic church is located on a prime location. It is a prime location with Ham Rong mountain behind, and large, flat land in front. On winter days, the scenery around the church is shrouded in fanciful mist, bringing its own beauty.

The author is alone in the cold winter night in the area of ​​the square with shimmering lights, opposite the Stone Church taken in December 2020, there are only a few shops nearby to serve tourists. “I couldn’t sleep at night, so I wandered around to feel the silence of Sapa at night.”

In addition to the central area, visitors can return to Sa Pa villages to experience the life of ethnic minorities, such as the H’Mong, the Red Dao, or the Giay. Anh Thi also wandered many times to hunt for everyday photos such as the scene in the kitchen of the Red Dao women in Ban Khoang commune (now Ngu Chi Son).

In recent years, the cherry blossom garden on O Long tea hill, Sa Pa is a famous name on the tourist map of Lao Cai, attracting tourists and photographers to take pictures. Around the end of November last year, in the cold weather and dense fog, the cherry apricot trees bloomed, dotted on the green tea hill, creating a landscape picture like a fairyland.

From the center of Sa Pa, visitors go to the direction of National Highway 4D (ie the road to Thac Bac or O Quy Ho pass) about 8 km, notice the point of O Quy Ho Kindergarten on the right hand side, look opposite there is a small road turning. left and go about 500m to O Long tea hill.

Anh Thi shared: “Apricot cherries here are planted alternately, along the path between the tea hills. I have been to Sa Pa many times but this is the first time coming to the right flower blooming season. It was surprising and I don’t know what else to say to describe the poetic beauty of this place.”

Currently, Lao Cai has welcomed foreign tourists back, visitors from green and yellow areas need to be vaccinated and make a medical declaration when they pass the checkpoint. Note, do 5K when participating in travel activities.5 – 7/11 event “Reincarnation of Sa Pa love market” will be held, helping visitors have authentic experiences and understand more cultural values ​​of love market. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Nguyen Van Thi

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