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Popular bean milk warms the stomach at night in Da Lat

Hot soy milk is so popular in Da Lat that you can easily buy it anywhere, from night markets to cafes.

Every night, the weather in Dalat is cold. Tourists walking in the mountains often stop by carts selling hot bean milk to order a cup to warm their stomachs. I don’t know since when, soy milk, green beans, peanuts have become a specialty of Da Lat, besides dishes such as grilled rice paper, strawberry shake, buttercream…

Like other places, soy milk in Da Lat is also processed in a very popular and simple way. The soybeans are soaked, ground, then filtered to get the water and put on the stove to boil. Soy milk is cheap, nutritious, and provides a lot of energy for people in cold countries.

Popular bean milk warms the stomach at night in Da Lat
Instead of iced tea like other places, soy milk is served with any dish in Da Lat. Photo: @__hp.le/Instagram

In Da Lat, sellers often serve two types of soy milk, “soybean” and “soybean”. To make the milk sweeter and easier to drink, depending on the taste of the guests, the owner will add sugar or condensed cow’s milk. “Cow soy sauce” can also be understood simply as soy milk mixed with cow’s milk. This milk dish is rich in nutrients, with the sweet taste of cow’s milk mixed with the cool taste of soybeans. In some places, the shop owner makes more variations when he boils soybeans with pandan leaves, making the milk dish fragrant and delicious.

Green bean milk and peanut milk are also two drinks that many people choose when coming to Da Lat. These two drinks have a richer taste than soy milk, easy to drink. Bao Ngoc, 24, living in Hai Phong, said that every time he goes to Da Lat, he only needs to drink a cup of green bean milk and eat a cake in the evening. Manh Hieu, 27 years old, from Hanoi, is “addicted” to the feeling of sitting and sipping hot milk in the cold weather in Da Lat: “In Hanoi, I often sit at iced tea shops to chat with friends, In Da Lat, hot soy milk is the number one choice,” Hieu shared.

At Am Phu market, a cup of milk is usually sold for 10,000-15,000 VND. Photo: Trung Nghia

This popular drink is available everywhere, but in Da Lat, these types of milk are often served hot, instead of cold-like many other places. Hot soy milk is so popular in Da Lat that you can easily buy it anywhere, from night markets to cafes. Many people think that, if you come to Da Lat without sitting next to the trolleys to sip a cup of hot milk and chat with friends, the experience of exploring the mountain town is not really complete. Milk is often served with pastries such as pepper cakes, croissants, waffles… Follow vnexpress

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