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Sitting in a wheelchair, the 8X guy still earns hundreds of millions/month, runs the whole company

From a disabled boy who grew up in a family with a tradition of farming, Nguyen Trung Hau has now become the CEO of a company specializing in coffee production.

“Revenue from 100 to 120 million/month, creating job opportunities for nearly 30 people, supporting livelihoods for people with disabilities in 3 provinces of Binh Phuoc, Tay Ninh and Dong Nai” are the numbers that are considered to be “supplied” chapter” for the journey of overcoming adversity of young man Nguyen Trung Hau (38 years old, living in Ho Chi Minh City).

After 6 years of starting a business, from inexperienced beginnings, Hau is proud that she can roll her wheels through difficulties to achieve the results she is today.

“Sometimes, I’ve thought about suicide”

Born into a family with a tradition of farming, Hau grew up with the advice to always be independent from his parents.

At the age of 5, Trung Hau experienced polio fever “surplus to live without death”. After being hospitalized for more than a month, Hau’s body gradually cooled down and then lost all feeling. Parents cried silently, ran everywhere but still received a shake of the head from the doctor. Having been healthy since childhood, the family was shocked and did not think that one day, people would call Hau the name “disabled person”.

Because she was still a child, that day Hau was not aware that her life had completely changed. Seeing his parents sad, the 5-year-old boy at that time did not understand. Until she was 8 years old, because of her weak health, Hau entered school later than her classmates.

At that time, it was also the time when Hau got his first awareness of his life. He is more embarrassed and self-deprecating when he hears the judgment and sarcasm of his peers. Ignoring those sarcastic words, Hau was determined to study well to erase the unfriendly gaze of the people around him.

Going to school with a wheelchair, this also did not make Hau’s will to study subdued (Photo: provided by the character).

Entering grade 1 two years late, Trung Hau still kept up with his younger classmates. Not only that, the guy also continuously won the title of excellent student for 9 consecutive years, entering the high school that many people dream of.

However, by the time she entered the high school lecture hall, Hau’s health was getting worse and worse due to having to study for too long. From spinal pain, Hau suffered from kidney stones and many other diseases. The boy had to miss many lessons, missed classes, and could not take notes. Academic achievement has also since fallen behind, far from the previous capacity.

Hau also encountered many difficulties because the school’s facilities were not suitable for a person with a disability. “Sometimes when I want to go to the bathroom, I have to hold back until my face turns purple. When I can’t stand it anymore, I whisper to the teacher, ask the teacher to carry me to the toilet. It feels so humiliating,” Hau confided.

Helpless, the guy lives in a carefree way and always looks at everything in a negative way. After graduating from high school, Hau was brought to the university by her mother to enroll in information technology.

Excited for less than 2 days, Hau received news from her mother that she had to leave school.

“I was shocked because I dreamed of everything. My mother said that because of family conditions, my parents couldn’t send me to school every day anymore. I was sad but had to accept it, and then also thought of the worst,” Hau said. .

Bought a pack of asthma medicine, Hau planned to take it all in one go to commit suicide. However, fortunately, my parents discovered and prevented it.

Curled up in the four walls of a small room for a year, Hau once again stepped out into the world when his parents bought him a computer. At that time, because of his love of literature, Hau connected with many friends through his blog posts.

By chance, Hau knew Khanh Uyen. This girl helped the boy turn to a new page in life, when he suddenly took a car from home to the city where Hau lived. Then, Uyen signed up for an English course for Hau.

Having acquired a new language, Hau is like a “fishing rod”. From Cu Chi district, Hau moved to the center of Ho Chi Minh City more. Life has also become more dynamic than before.

At home, the boy was also instructed by his friends to learn the profession of repairing computers. Skilled after only 4 months of studying, Hau earns 7 million VND/week. The high-paying job does not require much travel, but Hau still has a passion for starting a business in her heart.

Bringing new style coffee to the countryside

At the end of 2015, a friend invited Hau to start a business at the coffee factory. The boy at that time was not shy but nodded, despite his parents’ objections for fear of inconvenient long distances, Hau quickly waved his hand and confirmed that he could do it.

During 2 years in Da Lat, Hau went from a customer care worker to a coffee taster. With her eloquence, Hau was promoted to the position of human resource manager. Without going through any school, but fortunately Hau learned how to manage and run a coffee production facility.

From there, he concluded how good coffee is. Not only that, Hau also noticed that people in his hometown of Cu Chi were used to drinking coffee mixed with beans, with a bitter and thick taste. Therefore, Hau is determined to bring a new, standard coffee flavor to the countryside.

In 2016, from the conclusions when working in your coffee factory, Hau collected all the accumulated money back to Cu Chi district (HCMC) to start his own path. Starting with a capital of 450 million VND, Hau invested for 40m2 of land right in his yard to open a coffee shop.

Targeting students and young people, Hau successfully achieved a revenue of 5-6 million VND/day, helping the young man recover capital after only 9 months of starting a business.

However, now there is a big brand to compete. Hau could not keep up and once again collapsed when the Covid-19 epidemic broke out. No revenue but still have to pay salary. On the 28th of the Lunar New Year, Hau drained all the money in his account to send his employees home to celebrate Tet. There was only 700,000 VND left in his pocket, making him choke and laugh.

Difficult thoughts will slow down, but everything seems to motivate Hau to move on.

The epidemic subsided, the young man took advantage of the e-commerce platform and online shopping habits to develop coffee products. Since then, more and more people know Hau’s brand. The production and distribution of pure coffee is also increasingly widespread.

Up to now, Hau has operated a complex including factories, offices, accommodation and workplaces with an area of ​​about 1,200m2. Not stopping there, 6 months ago, Hau and her partner just opened an English center. Here, Hau is also the executive director of the whole center. With her journey to overcome adversity, Hau is also regularly invited to inspirational talks for the community.

Having achieved what she is today, Hau still does not dare to admit that she has succeeded. The 8X guy said: “Life is a series of unsatisfactory things. We must enjoy life. If we are happy, we should be happy. If we are sad, we have to assume that is natural. Everything will be okay. get in there”.

 ( According to dantri)

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