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‘Zen Monastery’ in Hanoi house

With a rock garden, tea room, and moon-shaped lamps, the house in Long Bien becomes the owner’s Japanese-style “zen monastery”.

A one-story, one-mezzanine house on a 150 m2 plot of land in Long Bien district is the residence of a single guy.

The house is next to a temple, the surrounding is quiet, only the sound of reading scriptures, bells ringing, birds singing. Wanting their place to be in harmony with that scene, the owner chose to build a Zen (meditation) style house, inspired by traditional Japanese temples and teahouses.

The Zen quality is reflected in the lines, materials, and decorative details that are simple but carefully cared for. The ground floor is the common living area. Thanks to the large windows, the space is full of light and allows the owner to see the green garden outside.

The wall-mounted wooden cabinet system is used as a place to display tea utensils and decorations that the owner has collected over the years. It also creates a highlight for the ground floor.

In addition to the wooden cabinet system, the homeowner also spends a whole room as a place to drink tea to satisfy his hobby and temporarily away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Another highlight of the project is the stone gardens, typical of traditional Japanese architecture, interspersed with living spaces. This plan is to bring the outside space inside, eliminating the feeling of being in a box.

The mezzanine floor is about 35 m2 wide, which is a resting place.

This area also has Japanese-style details such as reflective beds, sedge mats, and flat chairs.

The wooden tub in the bathroom is reminiscent of old Japanese houses.

According to the owner’s idea, the image of the moon appears many times in the house, on the lights and decorative curtains.

For homeowners, the moon is a symbol of integrity and enlightenment, with many meanings, bold Asian characteristics, and is suitable for their living space.

Construction completed in 2020. Follow vnexpress

Photo: Abluebird Photography
Design: MAP Design

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