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The house of the owner likes to watch the sky and clouds

DA NANG – THE couple in Nam Hoa Xuan wanted to return to a warm, windy home to relax and watch the clouds after a tiring working day.

A three-story house on a 5 x 22 m plot was built to fulfill that requirement.

From the outside, the building impresses with a large balcony on the second floor. This balcony is located outside the master bedroom, which is both a small garden to plant trees, and also used as a place to relax for the couple to watch the clouds and the surrounding scenery. In addition, the balcony acts as a cover for the ground floor garage.

Building seen from the outside.

There are two skylights on the roof. These cells combine with the pines to bring light into the space and the greenery below. They also create more room to watch the night sky for homeowners. From the clearing of the floor below, the homeowner can look up at the stars and moon.

The house of the owner likes to watch the sky and clouds
Two skylights and floor clearance bring light downwards and help homeowners have more room to watch the sky and clouds.

In addition to meeting the owner’s desire to watch the clouds, the house is designed with curves to bring softness and momentum. In the facade, the architect inserted the spiked erection to create a cube and as a support for the curved arch.

On the ground floor, the common space including the living room, kitchen, garden is seamlessly connected, making it easy for family members to interact with each other. The floor spaces also support communication between people and are the breathing space of the building.

Trees are arranged throughout the project, erasing the boundary between the house and the garden so that the occupants always feel relaxed.

In terms of interior, the building uses mainly wood and stone. While wood creates a cozy home space, stone helps regulate the temperature, cooling the house.

Ground floor space.

Click to see more pictures of the project.

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Photo: Econs Architecture
Design: Nguyen Cuong

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