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The guy crocheted wool into all kinds of flowers, selling a few million dongs a pot on the Tet holiday

With only wool and a few accessories, Do Hoang Quang, 41 years old, crocheted flowers of marigolds, apricots, and peaches… to sell for Tet. Each pot costs from 2 to 10 million VND, equal to real flowers and attracts customers to buy.($1=24,000 VND)

The guy crocheted wool into all kinds of flowers, selling a few million dongs a pot on the Tet holiday
Do Hoang Quang used to work as a consultant and applied for a student visa. 20 years ago, while still a student of female engineering, at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education, Quang began to pursue the job of crocheting and shaping many products.

More than a dozen years ago, on a day near Tet, Quang accidentally read a literary work about marigolds, sharing that this is a “Tet leopard flower”. Loving this type of flower, Quang sat tinkering, creating a way to crochet flowers from yarn. Since then, every New Year, he has made flowers from wool to sell Tet.
In addition to marigolds, he crocheted peach flowers, apricots, orchids… to sell more. The price of each such pot, depending on the number of flowers more or less, ranges from 2 to 10 million VND, as expensive as real flowers. Although not his main job, this job allowed him to live in the Tet atmosphere early.
Quang crocheted each petal and then assembled it into a flower.
In addition to flowers made of wool, Quang combined other types of clay leaves and pistils. The flowers are then shaped into large branches of zinc, wrapped in brown paper to look as close as possible to real flowers.
To make a pot of apricot with a bonsai body like this, Quang made a pre-formed shape with zinc, covered with newspaper into the desired shape. Then, Quang mixes water, glue, sand powder and pigments to make a paste like cement.
The red apricot flower symbolizes good luck and fortune in the new year. This pot he sold for 2.5 million. “Instead of picking apricot leaves on real trees, I create my own equally brilliant flowers,” said the boy from Ben Tre.
This bonsai-shaped flower pot is priced at 4.9 million VND.
This year, Quang’s woolen orchid products are popular with many people.
Orchids from wool are cleverly combined with plastic branches and porcelain pots that look very luxurious. On average, it takes about 2-3 days for him to complete a product, depending on the size and number of flowers crocheted from wool.
Not only does he make flower products for Tet, he also makes custom orders with many different types of flowers and designs.
The sunflower vase made by him in 3 days has also reached customers during Tet this year.
Hoang Quang stands next to 2 pots of apricots, digging by himself. In the days leading up to Tet, Quang took advantage of making flowers in time to return to his hometown to celebrate Tet with his family. “I love crochet so it’s not difficult for me to create and make flowers. Just working hard and focusing will produce beautiful products. Just like many flower farmers who want to sell products to customers on occasion. The same goes for me during Tet. The joy is that my ‘love child’ is cherished and solemnly placed in the house during the New Year by guests,” the young man said.

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