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A Hanoi girl builds a Christmas tree from hundreds of mini lotus trees

To make a Christmas tree from succulents, Ms. Nu uses 3-4 small sized stone lotus trays (about 250-300 plants), zinc lattice to bend the frame, soil for growing succulents and pots to support the substrate, antifungal medicine. , aphids to mix into the soil.

According to the share, Ms. To Nu (Hanoi) began to fall in love with lotus flowers in early May. She said: “After returning from Da Nang, I had to self-isolate for three weeks. At that time in the area where I was born. When I came back to life, I had a lot of F0 and F1, so I couldn’t leave the house for three months. Also during this time, I just started buying a series of succulents to plant. However, the whole garden was infected with fungus, so the trees died like stubble.”

After that failure, the thought that the passion for planting trees would dry up, but no, the weather in Hanoi gradually turned cold and sunny, making Hanoi girls love and like to plant trees more.

A Hanoi girl builds a Christmas tree from hundreds of mini lotus trees
Nu’s stone lotus garden in the morning light.

To celebrate this year’s Christmas season, Ms. Nu initially also intended to put fresh pine branches on her home decoration, but she was accidentally attracted by the model of a Christmas tree made from an acquaintance’s succulent plants. The Hanoi girl decided to “turn the wheel” to design a Christmas tree with a lotus stone.

It took her about 3-4 nights to set up the scaffold and pin the lotus, because the first time she was not used to it, she had to do it many times to be satisfied.

To make a Christmas tree, Ms. Nu prepares about 3 – 4 small-sized stone lotus blisters (about 250-300 plants), zinc lattice to bend the frame, soil for growing sucrose, and pots to support the substrate, fungicides, aphids to mix with the soil.

In order to slow down the growth, play for a long time, and not lose shape, the soil should not be mixed with a lot of nutrients, barren soil will be better.

How to make a Christmas tree from a mini lotus

Building a substrate: Bend the trellis into a cone, so that the ratio between the height of the cone and the mouth of the pot is balanced. The diameter of the pot is 22 – 25 cm, the frame is about 30 – 35 cm high.

Ms. Nu uses a needle lotus to make a Christmas tree, which took her 4 hours to complete.

The soil for growing lotus should be slightly moistened so that it can be put into the zinc frame more easily. Compress the soil tightly, if it is not compacted in a short time, the soil will fall off, the liquid medium will not be able to hold the attached plant.

Planting trees: Classifying succulents into different sizes, large and small trees, round lotuses, long-leaf lotuses, etc., for each group. Then use sharp tweezers to pin the lotus according to the principle: The tree is long and big at the bottom, the higher it is, the smaller it will be. Use the tip of the tweezers to poke a hole in the medium where the lotus root is placed.

During the process, it is possible to trim the succulent leaves to make the tree more balanced when attached to the substrate. Stone lotus is asexual, so cutting the stem or roots of the tree does not affect the growth of the plant.

After erecting the tree for 3-4 days, use a mist sprayer mixed with a root stimulant to water the plants.

This season, Hanoi’s weather is very ideal for succulents, so it only needs to be watered once a week. At the same time, it is also a way to slow down the growth and keep the shape of the tree for a long time.

Stone lotus needs sun, light, and wind to grow, so it is preferable to place the plant in a sunny place for it to grow well and have beautiful colors. Nu is completely grown in a greenhouse, so she needs to use more lights and ventilation fans.

In the evening, Ms. Nu decorates more lights and candles to make the scene shimmering and warm, suitable for the Christmas season.

Up to now, it’s been the 4th week, the Christmas tree is still in shape. Intended to play through the Christmas season this year, then can be removed to plant in pots, normal gardens.

Follow (Dan Tri)/ Photo: To Nu

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