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After the rain, the people of Nghe An invite each other to pick up the ‘sea fortune’

On the morning of September 26, hundreds of people gathered on the beach of Quynh Phuong ward (Hoang Mai town) to pick up tons of sea clams washed ashore after a heavy rain just happened.

Knowing that there were sea clams washed ashore in Quynh Phuong’s sea, this morning (September 26), people in coastal communes in Hoang Mai and Quynh Luu towns were present to pick up the “sea fortune”. Photo: Viet Hung

With a net surrounded by a net, after about 5-10 minutes, people have picked up dozens of kilograms of sea clams. Photo: Viet Hung
According to the market price, this type of small sea clam is sold for from 20,000 to 30,000 VND/kg. For the big ones, the price can be twice as high. Photo: Viet Hung
At 11 am this afternoon (September 26), people still gathered at Quynh Phuong beach to hunt sea clams. However, to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic, people need to ensure regulations such as wearing masks and distancing. Photo: Viet Hung. Follow (Baonghean. vn)

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