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Thousands of people cheered to pick up the ‘sea fortune’ after the storm

Large waves swept the land and shells onto the beach, attracting thousands of people to compete to pick up “sea fortune”. The phenomenon of scallops washed ashore appeared on the afternoon of September 30 in Thinh Loc sea, Loc Ha district, Ha Tinh province.

A large number of people were present at the beach of Thinh Loc commune early to save “sea fortune” – Photo: LE MINH

On the morning of October 1, at the beach of Thinh Loc commune (Loc Ha district, Ha Tinh province), thousands of people were hurrying to pick up shellfish.

People said that from 7 am, thousands of people in Thinh Loc commune gathered on the beach. People scratch shells in the sea, and people on the shore compete to pick up shells, making the atmosphere crowded.

People use racquets to go along the beach to pull feathers – Photo: LE MINH

Mr. Nguyen Quang Quynh (living in Yen Dinh village, Thinh Loc commune) said that after each prolonged rainstorm with very large waves, at this time, the sea waves washed ashore and carried a mass of soil and shells. People quickly go to the sea to pick up oysters, if not quickly, the oysters will dive to the ground, which is difficult to pull.

People use shovels (handled with bamboo or iron) to the beach area to pull. The top side is attached to a net, when pulling sea water out, the net retains shells or other seafood carcasses. The job of pulling oysters is quite simple, so not only men but women can also do it.

After pulling the scallops, people bring them ashore to classify – Photo: LE MINH

On the shore, there are thousands of people waiting to pick up the shells after the puller brings them up from the sea. This work is mainly done by women, some children also participate in collecting oysters with their families.

Mr. Quynh said the phenomenon of scallops washed ashore appeared from the afternoon of September 30. This morning he participated in pulling scallops, only a few hours later he pulled more than 50kg of feathered scallops.

“Each kilogram of shellfish costs from 15,000 to 20,000 VND. If you work hard and are lucky, you can earn millions of dollars every day,” Quynh said.

The batches of clams pulled up mixed with a lot of garbage or other seafood – Photo: LE MINH

While collecting oysters with her nephew on the shore, Mrs. Phan Thi Chuan (living in Hoa Binh village, Thinh Loc commune) said that she and her family participated in collecting sea shells from yesterday until now. family more than 1 million.

“It’s rare for scallops to wash up on the beach like this, so a lot of people in the commune participate in collecting oysters. Scallops are brought back to use a little to eat, most of them are sold to other people to improve the family’s income. “- Mrs. Chuan confided.

Many people collect oysters together every time a batch of clams is pulled ashore – Photo: LE MINH

For two days now, Mrs. Phan Thi Chuan and her family have all gone to Thinh Loc beach to pick up shellfish to earn extra income – Photo: LE MINH

The job of sorting oysters is quite simple, so many children also work with their families – Photo: LE MINH

After picking up a large number of oysters, people use some to eat, the rest are sold in the market – Photo: LE MINH

Not only men but many women also participate in the work of pulling sea shells – Photo: LE MINH

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