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The unique job helps an 80-year-old couple “live well”, without asking their children and grandchildren

At the age of nearly 80, Mr. and Mrs. Do’s husband and wife still make millions of dollars every month by giving tourists a buffalo ride. Thanks to their children’s “investment”, grandparents live well without needing children.

Over the past 10 years, husband and wife Mr. Tran Van Toan (79 years old) and Mrs. Do Thi Do (77 years old), residing in Bac village, Truong Yen commune, Hoa Lu district, Ninh Binh have lived on a job like no other. The family has a buffalo, and every day the grandparents take the buffalo to Hoa Lu ancient capital to graze and practice for tourists to ride.

The unique job helps an 80-year-old couple “live well”, without asking their children and grandchildren
Toan and Do make money from a strange profession like no other (Photo: Thai Ba).

Mr. Toan said that more than a decade ago, his family bought a buffalo to serve the work of plowing and harrowing. In the leisure time, grandparents took the buffalo to the area near the temple of King Dinh – Le to graze for the buffalo to eat grass. At this time, many international tourists come to visit this place and see that the buffalo is also very curious.

Foreign tourists are curious about Mr. Toan’s profession (Photo: Thai Ba).

“When foreign tourists were introduced by the tour guide to King Dinh Tien Hoang who rode a buffalo to quell the rebellion of 12 warlords and founded the Dai Co Viet state, many curious guests came to see the Vietnamese buffalo in person, attached attached to wet-rice agriculture and once helped the king make history,” Toan said.

Many times like this, he thought of letting tourists rent a buffalo to take pictures, ride on the back of a buffalo, holding a flag in his hand like in the story that is still handed down about King Dinh. “Escaped from the early days of my career, but now I have spent more than 10 years working with this job like no other.”

Mr and Mrs Toan Do decorate the buffalo’s head with flowers to attract the attention of tourists (Photo: Thai Ba).

Taking advantage of the time when there were no visitors, Mr. Toan added that he was born in the historical Truong Yen land, which used to be the capital of Hoa Lu. This place is associated with the first 3 kings of the first centralized feudal state of Vietnam. From generation to generation, people here have heard about historical stories about the kings.

It is also from here that the Truong Yen people from his hometown when asked about the history of King Dinh, King Le, and King Ly all belong to the vanguard. Every time he works for guests to ride buffalo, he also shares with everyone the meaning of the buffalo associated with Vietnamese farmers thousands of years ago, so tourists are very curious.

Each time a tourist rides a buffalo to take a photo, Mr. Toan asks for an amount of 20,000 VND, every day he also earns 100-200 thousand VND (Photo: Thai Ba).

Mr. Toan’s work starts at 7 am, taking the buffalo out of the house to the places where there is grazing grass for the buffalo to eat. Then he took him to the festival ground in front of King Dinh – Le temple to practice. To attract guests, he decorated the buffalo’s head with flowers and spread a red carpet on the buffalo’s back.

“Each customer rides on a buffalo to take a photo. I ask them for 20,000 VND, regardless of how long it takes. Some people give a little, some give a lot, this money my wife and I use to measure rice, buy food, and so on. the rest buy bran to take care of a healthy buffalo,” Mr. Toan said.

The money they earn every day is used to measure rice, buy food and care for a healthy buffalo to help them earn money (Photo: Thai Ba).

Mrs. Do Thi Do revealed that on a few days, her husband and wife get about 100,000, on a crowded day, about 200,000. If you add up every month, you can earn millions. With old age like grandparents, this amount is enough to cover the whole month.

“There are many visitors to visit the ancient capital, but when lucky, there are many guests riding buffalo to take pictures. Thanks to this job like no other, my husband and I also have a little extra income in our old age. We have not had to. thanks to her children and grandchildren even though she is nearly 80 years old this year,” said Mrs. Do.

The two grandparents take care of the precious buffalo, which is their “fishing rod” from food and sleep (Photo: Thai Ba).

In order to be healthy to serve guests, the buffalo is taken care of by grandparents with every bite to eat and sleep. For a long time, the buffalo did not have to go to the field to plow the field anymore, but only did the job of serving guests to ride and take pictures.

Mr. Bui Minh Duong – a tourist from Ho Chi Minh City shared: “Going to the ancient capital of Hoa Lu, I heard a story about King Dinh Tien Hoang riding a buffalo to quell the 12 warlords, so I also took a photo with the old grandparents’ buffalo as a souvenir. traces the trip to the thousand-year-old ancient capital”.

Mr. Toan has been associated with a job like no other for more than 10 years. Thanks to a unique job, at the age of 80 he still makes money and does not need to rely on his descendants (Photo: Thai Ba).

Mr. Alexander – British tourist said: “The first time I came to Vietnam and visited Ninh Binh. Also for the first time I saw the buffalo associated with your agriculture and riding on its back. Very interesting. “.

The buffalo of Mr. Toan’s family attracts the attention and interest of many international tourists when visiting Hoa Lu Ancient Capital (Photo: Thai Ba).

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