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Fishermen teamed up to go backward to pull a record catch of 4 tons of fish

Taking advantage of the “golden” moment when fish come close to the shore, fishermen in Loc Ha district (Ha Tinh province) bring nets and rush to the sea to catch. After a few hours, they pulled a lot of seafood, with one group pulling up to 4 tons of Yellow croaker.

On November 18, people flocked to the beach in Loc Ha district (Ha Tinh province) to catch fish near the shore. They divided into groups to coordinate and support each other.

The group of fishermen Duong Thanh (55 years old, Nam Son village, Thinh Loc commune, Loc Ha district) started work from 5 am to the afternoon. They used a boat carrying a net 450m long, weighing about 2 kg, to the sea about half a kilometer from the shore to hunt fish.

“Once we got there, we dropped it. At this point, a group of people from the same village in the bank will go backwards and pull the net in. Each turn takes about 2 hours,” said Mr. Thanh – a fisherman.

The group of fishermen “going backwards” on the right bank are very healthy people. They used a belt strapped to their back, wrapped in a rope to increase traction to quickly close the net. With this, the fish will not be able to escape and stay in the net.

Fishermen said that flounder fish today came close to the shore a lot, going in groups, so they took advantage of the “golden time” to catch.

After completing the trawl, the fishermen continued to assist each other in removing the fish. On average, people do about 5-6 times a day. Each batch collects from a few quintals to more than a ton of fish. Crocodile is sold at the price of 50,000 VND/kg at the shore to traders. On average, a fisherman can earn from 1-2 million VND/day.

In addition to Yellow croaker, fishermen also catch many other fish such as mackerel, tilapia, herring, …

Fisherman Duong An (52 years old, Nam Son village, Thinh Loc commune) said that he and another fisherman went out to sea to release their nets to catch fish from 3 am. More than 5 hours later, his boat finished the job and returned to shore.

“We got about 2 quintals of tilapia fish to relieve our hand fatigue, and we will sell it for about 5-6 million dong (200$). We are very happy”, Mr. An shared.

After removing and washing, the group of fishermen used many times of rickshaws to transport the sharks home.

In particular, on the afternoon of November 18, the group of fisherman Duong Thanh (54 years old, residing in Nam Son village, Thinh Loc commune) after a net catch of 4 tons of Yellow croaker. Mr. Thanh said they have never caught so many fish.

One of Mr. Thanh’s group, Mr. Nguyen Viet Tu (53 years old, residing in Nam Son village, Thinh Loc commune) happily shared: “The fish caught in the net so much on the shore that everyone was surprised and couldn’t pick it up. I fished from 13:00 to 16:00 before coming ashore. The catch of tons of fish made everyone excited.”

These fish were bought by traders in the afternoon. Leaders of the Thinh Loc Commune People’s Committee also said that fishermen catching Yellow croaker and other seafood up to more than 2 tons sometimes happened, but cases of 4 tons like Duong Thanh’s fisherman group are rare.

After selling fish to traders, fishermen will leave a small amount of fish divided for each person right on the shore to bring back for family use

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