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Spa owners spend thousands of dollars on gardening in the city

HANOI – Ms. Nguyen Thuong in Nam Tu Liem district surprised friends and relatives when she invested hundreds of millions of dong in a system of potted plants, greenhouses, and water treatment machines to remove heavy metals… for gardening. Terrace.

Always have a passion for growing vegetables and gardening, so when remodeling her spa recently, Nguyen Thuong, 28 years old, decided to renovate the terrace to make a garden with the criteria not only clean, but also beautiful and beautiful. modern.

“I consulted the gardening experience of many people, and finally chose a system of white pots that can hold a lot of soil, optimizing the planting area. The best thing about these pots is that they can filter out the water to water the plants. one discharge, not discharged into the garden, so it does not affect the ceiling,” shared Nguyen Thuong.

The terrace is 50 m2 wide, of which the planting area is about 30 m2, located on the 7th floor. The garden uses four types of pots to serve different types of plants.

The first is a fixed pot, which holds a lot of soil. Often use it to grow water vegetables such as watercress, celery, water spinach, to all kinds of cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce. The second is a grafted pot, usually placed in the garden corners, as long as you want. Here, homeowners often grow tomatoes, beans, cucumbers…

This round fixed pot can be moved everywhere, very suitable for growing kohlrabi and cabbage. In addition, Thuong also has a balcony clamp, currently growing strawberries.

The cost for the system of pots, racks, ready-mixed soil, irrigation systems, convection fans, and solar lights is more than 100 million VND.

Nguyen Thuong believes that it is not necessary to plant vegetables by hand, but also to control manure, soil, water and air. Therefore, she builds a greenhouse to help prevent weather influences, pests, and filter dust. Upstream water filtration system, to remove heavy metals, as well as impurities that do not affect vegetables.

“My husband and I both love to eat raw vegetables, so we can only grow our own to feel secure. Moreover, we are inherently difficult to have children, just want what is best for our children, that is the biggest motivation for me to make this garden. “, the mother of the 29-month-old twins, said.

The garden often grows F1 vegetables such as acacia, wasabi, Korean radish, beans, and cucumber. Thuong does very carefully select varieties to ensure high nutritional quality, yield and limit pests.

In the picture is a type of wasabi, a Japanese vegetable, grilled meat is very fragrant, slightly spicy, not bitter. When cooked, the soup has a sweet, crunchy taste.

The small garden area still provides more than twice the family’s consumption of vegetables. Thuong often grows leafy vegetables, sowing when the tree is 5-10 cm tall. When the tree is old, it will be intercropped with the young trees. Under the pots of beans and melons, always intercropped with shady-loving vegetables such as basil, coriander, etc. When there is a surplus of vegetables, Thuong always picks them for relatives and customers.

“Since the day I grow clean vegetables, I find there is no more practical and happier gift than giving this vegetable to everyone,” she said.

Born as a farmer’s daughter, the girl from Tuyen Quang is not afraid of soiled hands and feet gardening. Having already had experience, now with gardening support services, her work as a “terrace farmer” is quite smooth.

For example, when growing cucumbers for the first time, there will be an experienced senior who will show her when to fertilize, how to press the tops, and follow the right steps to have a bountiful harvest. Once again, the staff forgot to close the garden door at night, causing insects to fly in and cause pests to a pot of vegetables. Was advised to use a solution of garlic and chili to spray, but in case it spread to the whole garden, she immediately uprooted and planted another litter.

Although there is an automatic irrigation system, not all plants are watered equally, so Thuong often watered by hand. Only when she is on a business trip, she turns on the smart irrigation system remotely.

“My vegetable growing seems ‘weird’ as people say. I even installed a camera so that on days when I can’t go to the garden, I can zoom in on each plant to see if there are any problems. When I have free time. In addition to reading about the spa profession, I only visit vegetable growing associations to learn from experience,” she shared.

Sometimes Thuong is very stressed at work. At that time, she went to the garden to pick grass, water the vegetables, see the lush plants, and immediately feel calm.

“People often tell me that eating vegetables for my whole life can’t get rid of the cost of fixing my garden, but gardening for me is also an enjoyment that compared to other types of enjoyment it is more durable and more effective,” she confided. White.

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