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Raising children for many months “sleeping without food”, young man waiting for the day to count money

Realizing that black apple snails are scarce in the natural environment, Mr. Loc borrowed capital to invest in farming. The first generation, the young man earned nearly 130 million VND, the second generation is expected to earn nearly 250 million VND.($1=24,000 VND)

Le Van Loc (29 years old) was born and raised in Boc Nguyen village, Cam Thach commune, Cam Xuyen district, Ha Tinh.

In 2022, he realized that black apple snail has high nutritional value, which many people like. However, this animal is increasingly scarce in the natural environment such as lakes, freshwater fields.

Raising children for many months “sleeping without food”, young man waiting for the day to count money
Mr. Loc’s snail farming model is located in the middle of a local field (Photo: Duong Nguyen).

After spending time on the internet to research and visit and learn about black apple snail farming models, the young man decided to start a business.

Initially, Mr. Loc bought 10,000 seed snails and dropped them into his brother’s lake to experiment with. Four months later, he noticed that the mollusk was quite easy to keep.

Therefore, the young man decided to rent nearly 3,000m2 of low-lying, abandoned farmland in the middle of the village’s fields to raise snails. This area is located next to the canal leading clean water from Ke Go lake.

Mr. Loc seized the opportunity to raise black apple snails, initially bringing obvious results (Photo: Duong Nguyen).

“This is a very ideal condition because black apple snail farming needs clean water and frequent water changes,” the young man explained.

Mr. Loc also improved the surface and built the farming system to ensure the technical standards. After completing the pond, Mr. Loc divided the area into 3 ponds. In the first batch, he released 40,000 seed snails imported from Hanoi. The total initial investment cost Mr. Loc spent was more than 100 million VND.

To save on food costs, on the banks of the pond, he planted many papaya trees. According to the young man, in addition to ripe jackfruit, ripe papaya is the fruit that snails like to eat the most, helping the animal to grow up quickly and produce more eggs.

In this season, Mr. Loc stocked 40,000 snails, which are adapting and developing well (Photo: Duong Nguyen).
According to Mr. Loc, raising black snails does not invest a lot of capital, but earns great profits (Photo: Duong Nguyen).

In addition, he also planted water lilies, various types of seaweed and duckweed to both hide and provide natural food for snails. In the summer, when the temperature is high, Mr. Loc covers the net to limit the sunlight.

“After more than a year, I sold more than 1 ton of commercial snails and more than 35,000 snail seed. I earned nearly 130 million dong, making a profit,” Mr. Loc shared.

In this case, Mr. Loc continued to release another 40,000 snails. Snails are adapting and developing well, will be harvested in the next 2-3 months, with an output of more than 3 tons.

With the price of snails about 80,000 VND/kg ($1=24,000 VND), he is expected to earn nearly 250 million VND.

According to the 29-year-old man, in the cold season, snails often bury themselves in the ground like hibernation, not eating.

“Black apple snail farming is quite idle. I have the time to take advantage of the time to do more carpentry work in the locality. This model also does not need to invest a lot of capital but brings more income than rice farming. buy it all at home”, Mr. Loc added.

In the summer when the temperature is high, Mr. Loc covers the net to limit sunlight for snails (Photo: Duong Nguyen).

In the near future, Mr. Loc plans to expand and import more Thai snails for farming.

Talking to Dan Tri reporter, Mr. Nguyen Van Hoang, Secretary of the Youth Union of Cam Thach Commune, said that Mr. Le Van Loc was born and raised in a rural area with a difficult family. However, Mr. Loc overcame difficulties, was eager to learn, and boldly borrowed capital to invest in the black apple snail farming model.

“In the beginning, this economic model has been effective. In the coming time, we will accompany and support Mr. Loc in expanding the model”, Mr. Hoang said.

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