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The 9X boy mobilized 11 tons of agricultural products to help people during the Covid-19 epidemic

Over the past month, Mr. Lam Dai Phu (21 years old, living in Nhon Loc 1 hamlet, Phong Dien town, Phong Dien district, Can Tho city) has mobilized 11 tons of agricultural products to donate to people affected by the epidemic. Covid-19 in Can Tho City.

Mr. Phu (middle) and his friends in the group went to harvest water lilies.PHOTO: DUY TANOn a normal day, Mr. Phu works as a waiter at a restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City. Can Tho. When the Covid-19 epidemic broke out, the restaurant was temporarily closed, he asked to be a volunteer of the Love Bus program to contribute to supporting people in difficulty during the epidemic season. After that, he connected with farmers in districts in Can Tho city to ask for agricultural products to give to people in the blockade areas and the poor in the city.  

Mr. Phu (middle) and the members harvested vegetables and tubers and transferred them to the boat to be transported to the gathering place.PHOTO: DUY TAN

Not only campaigning, but Mr. Phu also went to the fields to harvest vegetables and tubers with farmers from early morning to late afternoon. After the harvest, the agricultural products are transferred to the Car of Love, organized by the Can Tho Youth Union, the Education-Training Union of Can Tho City, and the Pacific High School. From these buses, vegetables, tubers, and necessities are brought to people in the blockade areas.

Mr. Phu used a boat to carry agricultural products to the main road to the truck to receive them.PHOTO: DUY TAN

“ After harvesting, I transport the agricultural products by motorbike or by boat to the main road for the truck of the Organizing Committee to transport the car to the gathering point in the center of Can Tho city. Then divide to distribute each place, “said Mr. Phu. Thanks to the successful connection expansion and the enthusiastic support of many farmers in the districts, Mr. Phu organizes 1-2 trips a week to harvest agricultural products. Good deeds spread, many of his friends also volunteered to contribute to harvesting and transporting with him. Currently, the charity vegetable picking group has 12 members, including students, hairdressers, etc. When the gardener announces the news for vegetables and tubers, Mr. Phu arranges people and schedules the harvest.

Green vegetables are harvested by Mr. Phu in the home garden. PHOTO: DUY TAN

What makes Phu the happiest is that when he comes to the field to harvest, he is often offered by many nearby farmers to donate vegetables, tubers, and fruits. “Many aunts and uncles offer to contribute agricultural products to support people who are facing difficulties and lack of food during the epidemic season. Some gardeners also pick vegetables to prepare in front of their houses, others carry them to their places. The group is harvesting, making everyone emotional and grateful. Although people are also facing a lot of difficulties during the epidemic season because the agricultural products are difficult to sell, they still share the love during this difficult time,” he said. Phu said.

Farmers contribute agricultural products to do charity work during the epidemic season.PHOTO: DUY TAN

Up to now, Mr. Phu’s group has mobilized more than 11 tons of vegetables and fruits to deliver to the people. In which, there are 4 tons of campaigning for the program of Love Cars, the rest is self-made by his group. Currently, he is still continuing to connect and call for support from farmers to maintain until the epidemic is repelled.

Mr. Phu delivered vegetables to donate to the Love Bus program to support people in difficulty during the epidemic season.PHOTO: DUY TAN

Mr. Tran Van Muoi (30 years old, living in Truong Trung hamlet, Truong Thanh commune, Thoi Lai district, Can Tho city) said: ‘I knew about Phu’s program when he contacted me to ask for help with vegetables and tubers. Seeing practical work, I immediately supported over 500 kg of vegetables and tubers. After that, I would like to join the group to help harvest agricultural products for charity. In the near future, I will mobilize more friends and relatives to join hands to help people during the Covid-19 epidemic. Follow THANH NIÊN

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