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Thanh Hoa’s longest cross-mountain highway tunnel construction site

Thung Thi tunnel, 680 m long, located on the North-South highway through Ha Trung district (Thanh Hoa), has just been drilled to clear the right pipe after 9 months of construction.

Thung Thi tunnel is a component of the construction and installation package No. 12 XL of the North-South Expressway component project, the eastern branch of Mai Son – National Highway 45. The package has a total investment of more than 1,200 billion VND, especially the tunnel. Thung Thi 600 billion VND.

The width of each tunnel branch is 14.5 m, the size of three lanes for motor vehicles.

Thung Thi tunnel was started in February. After nearly 300 days of hard drilling, by the end of November, the right branch of the tunnel was opened, reaching 80% of the excavation volume. The remaining branch is about 80 m, the contractor is expected to drill through in December.

Inside the newly opened tunnel, workers are using a crane to climb up to check and reinforce the ceiling before spraying concrete to cover the surface. Advanced Austrian tunneling technology, abbreviated as NATM (New Austrian Tunneling Method), is applied to tunneling by blasting drilling method, anchoring support combined with shotcrete.

According to the approved design, the tunnel is 680 m long, including two pipes through a large mountain bordering Ha Tien and Ha Linh communes, Ha Trung district, Thanh Hoa province.

In the middle of the morning, Mr. Nguyen Van Tuan used a handheld controller to spray concrete moving through the ceiling surface of the tunnel. This concrete layer will help waterproof and ensure safety for future operations.

“This is a part of the job that does not require high technology, but it is quite complicated and requires meticulousness,” said Mr. Tuan.

The 3-4 m long steel rods are quite heavy, so moving them up requires the worker’s concentration.

After his colleague pierced the steel rod through the mountain arch, worker Nguyen Trong Truong carefully placed the iron gasket and tightened the nut to strengthen the tunnel cover. Today, Mr. Truong is assigned to work in the right tunnel branch with about 40 other people.

Due to the lack of light in the mountain, the construction unit installed many large electric bulbs along the foot and wall of the tunnel to help the engineers work more smoothly and efficiently.

Due to the steep and slippery terrain in the mountain tunnel, all motorized vehicles entering and leaving are fitted with a chain system around the wheels to avoid slipping and being unsafe.

This is a highway tunnel, so it is bigger than all the road tunnels that have been built before (the size is one and a half times bigger than the normal tunnel) in the province. The project ranks third in the entire North-South expressway, behind Lai Vung tunnel and Than Vu tunnel.

Mr. Nguyen Tien Thanh, the official in charge of the construction of the Thung Thi tunnel, said that to ensure the progress committed to the investor, the contractor has mobilized all the most modern machinery and equipment and a team of rich engineers. experience in the construction of many tunnels in Vietnam such as Ca Pass, Cu Mong, and Bao Bien… came to work at the construction site.

“We regularly have more than 300 workers, divided into three shifts to work 24/24 continuously, eat and change shifts on the spot, so in the tunnel for the past 9 months almost never stopped working,” said Mr. Thanh. speak.

This year, due to the complicated epidemic, the contractor minimized the workers’ travel and activities and avoided contact with the outside. “Almost the last 8 months workers have not come home, because if there is a case of Covid-19 disease, it is forced to stop construction and of course greatly affects the progress, so officials and workers strictly abide by it”, Mr. Thanh said.

In addition to the tunnel, package 12 also has more than 6 km of roads. Currently, contractors are leveling, filling the roadbed part of the North-South expressway through Ha Linh commune, Ha Trung district.

It is expected that in September 2022, the Thung Thi tunnel will be inaugurated, but the contractor said that he is striving for the finish line 3 months before.

North-South Expressway section Mai Son – National Highway 45 has a total length of nearly 63.4 km, a total investment of more than 12,100 billion VND from public investment. The project includes 5 bidding packages from No. 10 XL to No. 14 XL. Follow(vnexpress)

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