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Garden of hundreds of flowers of Vietnamese women in the US

Seeing the flowers that bloomed in spite of the wind and snow, still bursting into life, Jacqueline Do told her to live as intensely and brilliantly as them.

Jacqueline Do moved to the US more than 20 years ago, living in a house in California with only trees and grass. Five years ago, an event caused her to become depressed, live without joy and enthusiasm.

Reading a psychology book that advises replacing silk flowers in the house with fresh flowers for energy, she followed. “I clearly felt the change in my mind and immediately started plowing the land to plant flowers. Since I was a child, I have loved flowers and plants, but my passion was buried by the busyness of life,” she said.

In the 800-square-meter garden, front and back of the house, Ms. Jacqueline Do grows hundreds of flowers. Understanding the characteristics of each species and the laws of weather, she chooses to plant so that there are always dozens of flowers in bloom in the garden. When the seasons change, with few flowers, she arranges stone lotus flowers and leaves.

In the process of gardening, the owner discovered that a chrysanthemum seed fell into a rock crevice and also sprouted flowers. The bare-rooted persimmon trees thought they were dead, but they still stood up. “Even the branches and grasses, even in harsh conditions, still yearn to live, so why don’t we appreciate life? Not only live, but live beautifully, live as brilliantly as flowers”, Ms. out.

Since then, she has been thinking more positively, taking care of herself and clearly defining her life goals. “Growing flowers helps me practice patience, realize that everything in life has its own rules, learn to accept and change myself accordingly,” she said.

Sister Jaqueline Do’s flowers are planted everywhere in the garden, blooming red lines. Neighbors walking past also stopped to watch and admire.

The woman who studied biochemistry preferred to grow flowers according to the natural method, avoiding the use of chemicals. According to her, the location of the sun plays a role in determining whether the flower grows or not. “The place to plant flowers must have at least 6 hours of light and airy a day,” she advises.

Not only the lady who owns the garden, her children also love flowers and plants, belonging to the names of hundreds of species in the garden. Sometimes, Jacqueline Do picks purple pansy flowers to decorate the meal to attract the children, using the petals to make dishes.

The pictures of flowers in Jacqueline Do’s garden posted on social networks are appreciated by many friends. What she is proud of is spreading her passion for growing flowers to everyone. Someone even joked that she brought a ‘flower addiction virus’, there is no vaccine for treatment.

“If you do not have a garden to grow flowers, start with small potted plants by the window, save money to buy fresh flowers, and beautify the things around you. It is a very simple way to find joy, but gives great energy,” she said.

Jacqueline Do’s daily routine is to wake up at 6am, go to the garden to pick flowers and arrange them all over the house, then put on her gardening shoes. “Flowers and grass help me full of energy,” said the woman from Lam Dong.

Photo: Jacqueline Do

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