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Single woman turns wild plants into beautiful flowers, earns millions

With only a little capital and hard work, Tran Thi Loan, 39 years old, in Nghe An has tamed wild plants and turned them into a colorful flower garden ready to be marketed. sold during Tet.

The garden of Ms. Tran Thi Loan (39 years old, residing in hamlet 14, Quynh Tan commune, Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province) attracts the attention of many people because of nearly 500 iridescent flowers blooming brilliantly. Each tree is placed in a fixed pot, trimmed, and beautifully shaped with many different colors.

Single woman turns wild plants into beautiful flowers, earns millions
Ms. Loan’s five-color flower garden of 500 plants is preparing to sell the Tet crop.

Ms. Loan shared that she is a single mother living with her son in secondary school. Her main income is from breeding and trading poultry.

The opportunity to grow five-color flowers came to her half a year ago. She has an older brother who lives in Gia Lai, trading in this flower is very convenient. Loan came up with the intention of investing to tame this wild plant.

Ms. Loan takes care of the five-color flowers.

“Thinking about doing it, even though I didn’t have the technique or experience to grow this wild plant, I still decided to pursue it. 5 months ago, when my brother returned from Gia Lai to his mother’s hometown, I “cooperated” with him. plant flowers.

My meager capital of 20 million dong at that time was only enough to buy a few rudimentary pots, fertilizer, plastic, tape and some five-color roots. In order to have nearly 500 flower stumps like today, my brother and I had to search all over the bush, go to the forest to dig up the stumps to bring back, extract, graft and take care of them very carefully, “said Loan.

The perennial wild stems are grafted with flowers of many colors by Ms. Loan and have an average selling price of 400-600 thousand VND.($1=25,000 VND)
Wild plants with many tumors also attract visitors to see and ask to buy.

After only 5 months, with the effective support of her brother and a small amount of capital, Ms. Loan turned the abandoned garden of her house into a colorful flower garden. There are perennial, rough stumps that grow many tumors, which she selects and takes care of very carefully and thoughtfully.

“Growing iridescent flowers, the most difficult, complicated, meticulous and time-consuming stage is transplanting branches. After grafting, you must cover the balloon and tie a string around the grafted eye carefully. About 15-20 days later, If the sprouts grow back, they can be removed from the plastic bag, fertilized, watered, pruned… There are plants that need to be transplanted with 2-3 different colors on a single stem, so it takes really clever work to do,” Loan said. share the experience of growing five-color flowers.

A wild plant is paired with two very eye-catching colors.

Although it has not been Tet yet, this time, Ms. Loan’s five-color flower garden has attracted visitors to visit and order. Loan said that each such tree is sold for 400,000-600,000 VND, depending on factors such as color, trunk, longevity, number of branches…

“It is expected that by December 20, I will sell goods to the market to make money to spend Tet. At this time, the flower roots will also give me a good income. After this period, I will continue to go to the forest to find trees to bring back. transplant in time for next year,” Loan added.

Ms. Loan said that the garden has about 300 completed trees to provide during this Tet holiday.

According (Dan Tri)

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