12.04.2021, 09:54

The boy who grows flowers for “virtual life” collects millions of money every day

The empty land full of garbage, through the hands and efforts of a young man, has become a colorful flower garden on the banks of the Perfume River, serving the needs of young people to ‘virtual life’ …

The boy who grows flowers for “virtual life” collects millions of money every day

Anh Nhat with chrysanthemum varieties successfully grown in the flower garden on the banks of the Perfume River.THANH PHUONG

Along the pristine path on the banks of the Huong River, near the Van Thanh relic of Huong Ho Ward (Huong Tra Town, Thua Thien-Hue), Nguyen Dang Nhat (35 years old, residing in Hue City) has invested more. 100 million VND to grow flowers to serve the needs of young people to take souvenir photos . Since the Lunar New Year up to now, the Van Thanh flower garden of Japan is colorful and becomes bustling by attracting a large number of young people and tourists to visit and take pictures.

Flower Garden 3,000 m 2 located on main roads and more people crossing each day attracted more than 200 guests had come. About 40,000 different flower plants create a multicolored garden, including dahlia, sunflower, mustard flowers, heather chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum …Visitors can comfortably pose with many beautiful scenery, have a “view” overlooking the Perfume River or Thien Mu Pagoda. Every time a customer “checks-in” and takes photos at the flower garden , Nhat collects about 20,000 – 30,000 VND / person. So, on average, Nhat earns nearly 5 million dong per day.

Many tourists and young people enjoy taking pictures at the flower garden

Mr. Nhat shared that he initially bid to rent this vacant land to grow flowers to create a landscape for his family’s coffee business , and then put this flower garden model as a service to earn more income.”To have a beautiful garden like now, I hire people from Phu Mau flower village to take care of them because they have long experience in flower growing,” he said. 

He also invested expenses to create a poetic scene for photography and sightseeing and to plant new varieties of plants that did not exist in Hue like a chrysanthemum.The model of flower growing service by Mr. Nhat is bringing a high-income source. It is also a creative idea of young people that not everyone dares to think and dare to do. Follow Thanh Nien Online