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Young people enjoy “virtual life” with the flower road of love on Truong Le Peak

Considered a highlight of the Hon Trong Mai Love Festival, the love flower road on the top of Truong Le mountain (Sam Son city, Thanh Hoa) attracts a large number of young people to check-in.

Young people enjoy “virtual life” with the flower road of love on Truong Le Peak
To prepare for this year’s Hon Trong Mai love festival, Sam Son city built a love flower road more than 1km long along the roads around the Hon Trong Mai campus for tourists to visit and take photos.
This year’s Hon Trong Mai Love Festival coincides with the holiday of the Hung Kings’ death anniversary, so it attracts a large number of visitors.
Under the gentle sunlight, many young people enjoy taking pictures on the colorful flower road.
A family is keeping sweet memories by the flower road of love.
Many young people and children enjoy being immersed in the vibrant colors of flowers along the two sides of the road to Hon Trong Mai.
At the end of the slope of the flower street, the organizers created a heart frame and two rows of hydrangeas for visitors to walk.
Young couple walking along the flower road of love.
According to the leader of the People’s Committee of Sam Son city, a love festival is an opening event for the series of activities in the 2022 tourist season. The flower street is decorated with 15,000 flower pots of all kinds. In particular, the highlight is the hydrangea flower. In addition, there are many miniatures arranged along the route, creating a beautiful space.
Due to the sunny weather, many workers are assigned to take care and water regularly to keep the flowers fresh and beautiful.

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