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5 experiences in hot summer escape in Pu Luong

THANH HOA – In the summer, at the same time the rainy season comes, visitors to Pu Luong can see dozens of waterways spinning evenly and watching the golden rice ripening.

5 experiences in hot summer escape in Pu Luong
Wade in streams to visit the water in the middle of the nine rice paddies.
May 6, rice in Pu Luong begin to ripen from the area of ​​Canh Nang town to the central villages of the nature reserve. This is also the time when the rainy season comes, rivers and streams are pouring more and more. Before entering the Pu Luong core zone to visit the village, visitors can rest in the waterways (water wheels), take commemorative photos. There are many water bodies in Chieng Lau village, about 5km from the center of Canh Nang town.
The pickles are only used during the rainy season, so in the summer months you can see them rotate evenly with each beat. Creaking sounds and murmuring streams, fragrant rice scent weaving along with the folds of Thai stilt houses hidden in the distance between the poetic mountainous landscape. Photo: Huy Thang
Making lam rice by hand
One of the traditional dishes of Thai and Muong people is lam rice. The rice is cooked in tight, freshly cooked tubes and grilled on a wood stove. Rice is ripe, fragrant bamboo, served with spices from leaves, forest spices. In Pu Luong, people who have lived for a long time are mainly Thai and Muong people. Coming here, you will easily have a chance to watch people grill lam rice, even participate in each stage of processing such as going to the forest to cut the bar, taking firewood, treating rice, cooking the rice group … the hot, cooked rice is peeled from the skin of the blue silk. Photo: Khanh Tran

Experience not only for adults but also for children can participate, to better understand the lives of indigenous people. Children learn how to cook lam rice in a long summer camp in Pu Luong. Video: Footprint Camp

Village visit to nine rice season
May – June is the first ripe rice crop of the year in Pu Luong, fields from all villages in the nature reserve begin to bloom and gradually ripen. Some of the villages with the most beautiful terraced fields in Pu Luong include Ban Don, Ban Uoi, Kho Muong, Ban Hieu … Depending on the time of sowing as well as the geographical topography, the rice will not ripen evenly. However, the best time to watch the ripe rice usually falls in late May and early June. When the fields and terraced fields will be covered with a layer of green to shiny yellow. Photo: Khanh Tran
Explore the green forest
Not only there are terraced fields, Thai and Muong villages but also primeval forests with a variety of flora and fauna not less than Cuc Phuong National Park, Pu Luong also has Pu Luong peak 1,700 m high and many beautiful caves and streams. Trekking to explore Pu Luong forest is definitely an experience not to be missed for those who love nature and outdoor activities. Here, from children to adults, trekking tours suitable for age and endurance can be found. Each jungle session brings you from beautiful memories to survival skills lessons. Photo: Footprint Camp
Relaxing “luxury” between the mountains and forests
In the summer when big cities suffer from hot weather, the peaceful and peaceful rhythm of life and the green space surrounded by primeval forests in Pu Luong will be the destination for “hot escape. ” ideal. Resort-interested tourists now have a lot of options in Pu Luong, most of the resorts have infinity pools, bungalows on stilts with terraced fields, check-in miniatures such as nets, swings, nest chairs. However, the most prominent are the resorts Pu Luong Retreat, Pu Luong Tree House, Pu Luong Eco Garden, Pu Luong Natura … with room price from 1.3 million VND / night or more. Photo: Khanh Tran. Follow vnexpress

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