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Experience sea tourism in Hai Hoa, Thanh Hoa 2021

This beach is located in the south of Thanh Hoa province, Hai Hoa is considered a beautiful beach with many potential advantages for tourism development. Together with Sam Son– Hai Hoa has been oriented to develop in order to perfect the chain of Thanh Hoa’s tourism products with its own characteristics. The Hai Hoa marine tourism area has not yet been invested much in tourism infrastructure, so it has not attracted as many tourists as the Sam Son tourist area, but in the near future, these items will be completed soon.

To turn Hai Hoa into one of the attractive tourist destinations of Thanh Hoa. When you come to Hai Hoa, you can also spend a little more time going to Hai Thanh beach resort, about 6km away or Nghi Son tourist resort about 30km away. Both of the two locations above combined with Hai Hoa will be a very suitable marine schedule for weekends.

Where is Hai Hoa beach? How many km from Hanoi to Hai Hoa beach?

Hai Hoa beach is located in Hai Hoa commune, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province, so many people often know Hai Hoa with another name is Tinh Gia Thanh Hoa beach . From Hanoi to move to Hai Hoa sea is about 196.5km, so you can go by many different means.

Experience sea tourism in Hai Hoa, Thanh Hoa 2021

Go by private vehicle 

Traveling by private vehicle has the advantage of being extremely convenient and proactive, so during the last trip we also decided to choose to visit Hai Hoa by motorbike. Feeling extremely “chill”! However, do not forget to prepare all the necessary papers and supplies!

From Hanoi, you go in the direction of the highway Hanoi – Ninh Binh. After passing the expressway, you continue to move in the direction of National Highway 1A to reach Thanh Hoa then continue to Tinh Gia. How much is the distance from Hanoi to Thanh Hoa? To get to Thanh Hoa you will have to travel about 150km long then continue to move another 50km to Tinh Gia. Travel time will take about 5 hours so to save time, start early in the morning!

Go by public transport

According to my Hai Hoa beach travel experience , if you are traveling with a family or group of many members or are not confident in your steering wheel, you should choose to go by public transport.

+ Passenger car:

From Hanoi, there are many bus companies moving to Tinh Gia, then you continue to take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Hai Hoa beach. In addition, you can also choose the garage to go to Vinh then ask the driver to drop off at the Tinh Gia post office. From here to Hai Hoa beach only takes about 3km only. Some reputable garages are often chosen by many people such as:

  • Thang Thanh Car: Giap Bat 7h30-11h30-14h00-16h00 Sam Son 3h10-6h50-9h10-11h30-12h30. Telephone: 0975 070 555
  • Hai Hanh bus: Giap Bat 7h00-8h30-13h00-15h00 Sam Son 2h30-5h00-8h40-11h00-13h00. Telephone: 0237 3822426
  • Vinh Quang car: Sam Son departs from 3:30 to 19:30, Hanoi departs from 6:30 to 20:30. Every 1 hour, 1 car leaves the station. Telephone: 0237 8898 989
  • Ly Thao car: Armor bowl 6h00-8h00-10h00-12h00-14h-16h-18h-20h. Telephone: 0911448282

+ Train: 

Traveling by train is also a worthwhile experience! The train will stop at Thanh Hoa city station, when you come here you will have to move more to Tinh Gia. From Thanh Hoa city you can choose to take a taxi or bus. If you go by bus, you take route 03 to go to Nghi Son economic zone, when you come to Tinh Gia, you get off and continue to catch the bus to go to Hai Hoa beach.

Besides Hai Hoa beach, there are many other beaches near Hanoi for those who do not have much time. Along refer to marine tourist destinations near Hanoi that are both beautiful and cheap for you to explore!

What time should I travel to Hai Hoa?

Like other beaches in Thanh Hoa , the most ideal time for you to visit here is from May to August every year. Because the weather at this time in Hai Hoa as well as Thanh Hoa began to enter the tourist season. However, for those who go for the first time, around August every year, it will be difficult to avoid storms or depressions, so before going you should carefully look at the weather forecast to consider!

Where should Hai Hoa Thanh Hoa sea tourism be?

Although not too crowded as in Sam Son, do not worry too much because there are many hotels in Hai Hoa beach for you to choose from! In this review, I will introduce to you a few hotels that I stay and are chosen by many people:

+ Cao Nguyen Hai Hoa Hotel

  • Address: Lot 20 – 21 Hai Hoa Tourist Area, Hai Hao, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa
  • Phone: 0237 8727 888 – 0914 551 888

+ Hai Hoa Ocean Hotel 

  • Address: Hai Hoa beach resort, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa
  • Phone: 0237 8 727 666 -0913 529 668

+ Green Ha Hotel, ACB Hai Hoa Sea

  • Address: New Sea – Hai Hoa, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa
  • Phone: 094 886 66 66

+ Queen Hai Hoa Beach Hotel

  • Address: Hai Hoa beach resort, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa
  • Phone: 0237 8727 988

Besides the Hai Hoa Tinh Gia beach hotels, if you want to save money, you can choose to stay at motels or homestay. The price of homestay, Hai Hoa beach hostel is usually very cheap, only from 100k / night only! However, if you go in high season, don’t forget to book your room early to get the best price as well as avoid running out of rooms!

What to eat at Hai Hoa beach?

Not only attracting tourists with pristine beaches, Tinh Gia Thanh Hoa tourism also owns attractive dishes for you to enjoy freely! Because it is a sea area, coming here, you must definitely try fresh seafood dishes such as fried squid, shrimp, steamed crabs, fish …

In particular, going to Hai Hoa beach without enjoying the jellyfish salad with hot, rich sauce or jellyfish salad with rice cakes and a few luscious fig leaves is indeed a very big shortcoming. .

TOURIST TIPS: One of our recent Thanh Hoa beach experiences is that you go to the seafood markets to buy and then hire people to cook with extremely cheap cooking, only about 50k – 100k depending on the quantity. only food. Well, when buying seafood, don’t forget to bargain because there is still a status “shouting” with that tourist!

What is attractive in Hai Hoa Thanh Hoa?

Sea bathing in Hai Hoa

If you have been stunned by the crowded and crowded scenery in Sam Son beach during the high season, you will definitely be surprised when you arrive at Hai Hoa beach. Because it is a new beach in Thanh Hoa , this place is still quite wild and is not known by many people.

The plus point for Hai Hoa is that I find the sea water here quite clear, although not as clear as the beaches in the south, but in my opinion, the seawater is quite clean and has a gentle slope, not dangerous. dangerous at all! Although the waves are not big, they are not too smooth, swimming in the sea and feel like forever! Moreover, above is a large stretch of sand for us to enjoy shooting!

Do not be engrossed in swimming but forget that Hai Hoa Thanh Hoa beach is also a check-in place that is loved by many young people. On the beach you will see the leaf-roof huts or a few boats moored in full color … all create a very beautiful back ground! If you are with a group of friends, do not forget to organize beach teambuilding games to bond members’ feelings!

Before the trip, I was wondering because I did not know whether to go to Hai Hoa or Hai Tien . Compared to Hai Tien Thanh Hoa sea , Hai Hoa is usually not too vibrant and bustling. Therefore, if you want to find a quiet place to relax, I recommend you to visit Hai Hoa!

Check in at the Dragon stone beach 

For those who love “taking pictures” like me, in this review we will reveal to you a place to ensure that the corner is beautiful, that is the Dragon rock.

Dragon stone beach is located just below the Thui mountain population, at the beginning of Hai Hoa beach so you can come here easily. A “blood-bone” experience if you want to have beautiful shimmering photos is to visit here early in the morning or at sunset! What is more wonderful when you can admire the most beautiful moments of the day while being released with various shapes of rocks.

Visit the temple of King Quang Trung 

The temple of King Quang Trung is a spiritual place that you should set foot in your Tinh Gia Thanh Hoa beach trip . The temple is located on the coast of Du Xuyen village, Hai Thanh commune. Although the temple is not as large and majestic as other places, according to the people here, this temple is extremely sacred!

Explore Nghi Son island 

Nghi Son Island is considered the most crowded and vibrant place in Tinh Gia Thanh Hoa. The reason for saying so is because this place is a gathering place for boats carrying tourists to visit. Right from the moment you arrive here, you will feel a fresh, airy atmosphere or immerse yourself in the cool, clear water.

Not only that, around this island there are also many restaurants, entertainment areas for you to explore. Come to Nghi Son, do not forget to visit famous places such as Tinh Hai station, Lau Ngoc well associated with the legend of Me Chau – Trong Thuy, Thanh Ong Ninh … or visit the fish market which is open from 7am to 9am everyday.

In particular, when coming to Nghi Son island, you must set foot on Dong beach! Not too noisy and noisy, just like Hai Hoa beach, Dong beach is an extremely peaceful and gentle beach that makes any visitor coming here will feel extremely relaxed and easy. bear.

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Schedule to Hai Hoa Tinh Gia

  • Day 1: Hanoi – Tinh Gia 

We departed in Hanoi from 5am to move to Hai Hoa beach in time to check in at the hotel. After moving to Thanh Hoa you will have to continue about 50km to Tinh Gia. Time traveling by motorbike will take about 5-6 hours. On the way you can stop to rest and have breakfast!

At about 11am, we were at the hotel, because it was not during the tourist season, so the hotel side checked in early. After resting and having lunch, we went to Rong beach to take pictures and wait until about 5pm, then we went back to Hai Hoa beach to swim in the sea and then eat seafood at the beach at night.

  • Day 2: Nghi Son – Bai Dong 

Early in the morning, we took the car to Nghi Son tourist area, then went to Dong Beach to swim and take pictures because it was very close to Hai Hoa beach. At noon we also have lunch at the restaurant in this resort.

In the afternoon, on the way back, we stopped by the temple of King Quang Trung to visit and pilgrimage. There is also a beautiful photographic rock below the temple!

  • Day 3: Tinh Gia – Hanoi

Early in the morning, get up to watch the sunrise and swim in the sea, then have breakfast and go to the hotel to check out and then move to Hanoi. End of the journey to explore Hai Hoa sea 3N2Đ.

Not noisy, vibrant, Hai Hoa beach is so quiet and quiet there is no reason for you to refuse this wonderful destination. Hopefully, our Hai Hoa seafaring experience will help you plan to come here to relax with your relatives, friends and eat a full seafood meal. Do not hesitate to take the suitcase to go right away and always!

Should you travel to Hai Hoa beach and what time of the year?

According to Hai Hoa’s marine tourism experience , the best time to come here is summer, from May to August every year. This is the time when the weather is hot, so it will be very suitable for swimming activities of visitors. However, this is also the time when the North and the Central often have storms. Therefore, before going you should keep an eye on the weather forecast to avoid bad weather that affects the travel.

Summer is the best time to explore Hai Hoa beach

How to move to Hai Hoa sea

Go by bus

Tinh Gia district is located right on National Highway 1A so it is very convenient to travel by bus. From Nuoc Ngam, Giap Bat or My Dinh bus stations, there are many daily bus trips to Hanoi – Thanh Hoa for you to choose from. Remember to tell the driver to drop off at the post office area of ​​Tinh Gia district. From here to Hai Hoa beach is only about 2km. You can keep going by taxi or motorbike taxi.

Go by train

If traveling by train, you will have to get off at Thanh Hoa city station. From here to Hai Hoa beach is about 50km. You can go by taxi or if you want to save money, you should go by bus route 03.

Where to stay when traveling to Hai Hoa?

The system of motels and hotels in Hai Hoa beach is still not many. However, it is still enough to serve the accommodation needs of tourists when coming here. You can refer to the following addresses:

ABC Ha Green Hotel

Address: Dong Hai village, Hai Hoa commune, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa province.

Phone: 0944 575 156

Room rates: From 900,000 VND to 1,500,000 VND / 1 room.

Ocean Hotel

Address: Hai Hoa, Tinh Gia, Thanh Hoa

Phone number 037 872 7777

Room price: 500,000 VND / 1 room.

If you want to have an economical Hoa Hoa beach trip , you can rent affordable motels with prices ranging from 200,000 VND to 500,000 VND. However, the distance to the coast will be a little longer.

What to play at Hai Hoa beach?

Have fun swimming

Hai Hoa beach is about 3 to 4 km in length, very clear and clean water, gentle slope, gentle waves, making it extremely ideal for bathing in hot summer days. Lying on the beach, breathing in the fresh air, sipping a few cold beer bottles and a plate of dry squid and fragrant nose will definitely be a very wonderful experience for you.

Immersed in the sea

Explore Water Fun Thanh Hoa Park

Water Fun Water Park Thanh Hoa has just been built right on the coast of Hai Hoa and opened in June 2018. With an area of ​​more than 8000 square meters, there are many interesting and interesting games to play. you can experience it all the time without getting bored.

Check-in Dragon stone beach

Dragon stone beach is located at the beginning of Hai Hoa sea, at the foot of Thui mountain. There are thousands of different large and small stones with all shapes stacked to create a very unique scene. You can walk, pose and take super sparkling pictures here.

Check-in at the Dragon stone beach

Visiting Quang Trung temple

Quang Trung Temple is a long-standing historical relic located in Du Xuyen village, Hai Thanh commune, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa. This place was built to worship the national hero Quang Trung – Nguyen Hue. Although it has a modest area, this temple is extremely sacred so it always attracts a lot of visitors to visit and worship.

Quang Trung Temple

Sun’s Cliffs

Traveling to Hai Hoa beach without checking-in the Sun’s cliff is extremely regrettable. This place is only about 2km from Hai Hoa so you can rent a bicycle to go here. Standing from this cliff, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the whole poetic and charming scenery of Hai Hoa sea.

Sun’s Cliffs

Above is some useful information that you should grasp before traveling to Thanh Hoa and exploring Hai Hoa beach. Wish you will have a fulfilling and memorable trip.

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