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Traveling to Tu Thuc Thanh Hoa cave to admire the place right below the earth

Thanh Hoa has green mountains and a silver sea, there are ancient historical sites filled with heroic memories of the nation and there are also fanciful caves like a fairyland. Therefore, a trip to Tu Thuc cave – the most famous cave here will definitely make visitors once set foot in a thousand times not forget.

Where is the Consciousness Verb?

Tu Thuc cave or Bich Dao cave is a limestone cave formed hundreds of years ago on Tam Diep mountain range, Nga Thien commune, Nga Son district, Thanh Hoa province, more than 10km west of Phat Diem town. South and about 50km from Thanh Hoa city to the northeast.

Not only is this place praised by many ancient poets as “Nam Thien De Nhat Dong” – “the seventh most beautiful cave under the South sky”, but in 1992, this place was also ranked as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture and Information. Therefore, Tu Thuc cave is one of the most attractive destinations in Thanh Hoa that tourists should not ignore.

Traveling to Tu Thuc Thanh Hoa cave to admire the place right below the earth
Inside the shimmering and fanciful cave (Photo: Tripadvisor)

The unique legend of Tu Thuc verb 

Not only attracting visitors by the magical beauty, but when traveling to  Tu Thuc cave, tourists are also extremely excited to hear about the origin of the cave associated with the tragic but deep love story between him. Tu Thuc and the fairy Christmas Huong in the past.

Accordingly, in the past, there was a guy Tu Thuc from Tong Son (Ha Trung) who was a mandarin of Tien Du district, famous for his integrity and integrity. On the occasion of a meeting, he met a beautiful girl who was in a difficult situation. took off the brocade shirt for the girl. He thought that he would “step through each other’s lives”, but then when he returned to his hometown to travel to the mountains, fate let him meet that girl named Giang Huong in a cave by Than Phu sea mouth and became a wife. husband together.

But then the fun ended quickly, after a year of peaceful and harmonious living in the fairy world, Tu Thuc asked to visit his hometown because he was too homesick. Sympathizing with her husband’s unrequited feelings, Giang Huong bought a car for him to return and also planted a sealed envelope saying goodbye to him, so when Tu Thuc came to the world, he could not return. . From there, he walked forever to the old mountain, the old cave disappeared, so the folk called it Tu Thuc cave, Thien Thai cave or Tu Thuc cave for short.

What’s interesting about Tu Thuc cave tourism?

Coming to Tu Thuc cave , visitors will be surprised as soon as they walk to the long stairs leading to the cave entrance because the surrounding is surrounded by green trees, bringing an extremely fresh, cool, special atmosphere. Especially there are giant vines curving soft interwoven like unique hammocks, standing here and living virtual is really the best.

Unique hammocks at the entrance to the cave (Photo @nguyenhien1951997)

In front of the cave, there is also a small temple worshiping Son Than, not very high and wide, but enough for tourists and locals to worship and burn incense daily. However, the most interesting point is probably the poems carved right on the cave door by Lord Trinh Sam and scholar Le Quy Don that bring great historical significance and imprints.

The overall Tu Thuc cave is more than 200m long and m2 wide, the inside is divided into two main parts: the inner cave and the outer cave. The spacious outer cave has a curved ceiling about 40m high, adorned with unique peach-shaped stalactites, and because of that, the name Bich Dao cave was born.

Beneath the flat, smooth rock, there are also many glittering stalactites with many different shapes, so people have compared it to a huge precious treasure: the vault of round green stalactites. Layered on top of each other, the iridescent gold ingots are gold warehouses, while the rice warehouses are silver brown smooth stones that are tightly connected… so you can look at them all day without getting bored.


When traveling to Tu Thuc cave deep inside, visitors seem to be entering a completely different world with stalactites of all shapes and sizes, but just standing for a while, you can imagine the whole world. a vivid world such as: buffalo, cow, pig, goat, chicken, bird, five-fruit tray, old orchestra, moon… combined with different colorful lights looks like the real thing.

There are even things that can conjure up in us images associated with the love of Giang Huong and Tu Thuc in the past such as: fairy chessboard, study room, bathroom, flowers, fairy peaches…and Even the piano stone blocks when tapped give off clear, resonant sounds like an ancient bow.

Cool water in the cave (Photo: Foody)

Not stopping there, when visiting Tu Thuc Thanh Hoa cave, go all the way to the end of the cave so you can admire the place called the way to the fairy world with a rest house, clothes hangers, and the way to hell. A wormhole goes down the mountain in a spiral, extremely mysterious and magical.

Revealing, the space below is very dark and a bit murky, cold, so if you are a “weak heart”, it’s best not to try.

Places to visit in Nga Son when traveling to Tu Thuc cave

The land of Thanh is famous for being the birthplace of many ethnic brothers during wartime, so if you want to show your gratitude to them, do so while  traveling to Tu Thuc Cave. Because around here, there are many ancient and sacred historical sites such as: Luc Van cave, Ba Dinh war zone, Mai An Tiem temple or Le Thi Hoa temple – a female general under Hai Ba Trung .. .will definitely not let you down.

Ancient Mai An Tiem temple near the cave (Photo:

Forget the blue beaches but always full of people because a trip to Tu Thuc cave will help you have a more enjoyable and memorable stay in Thanh Hoa!

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