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The list of the most attractive destinations in Thanh does not go unfortunately

Thanh Hoa is a province in the North of Central Vietnam with topography including forests and sea, tourists do not need to be too confused about where to go, what to play because there are many attractive attractions

List of destinations in Thanh origin visitors should not miss

Sam Son Beach

Located 16km from the center of Thanh Hoa city, Sam Son beach is a destination in Thanh Hoa favored by tourists from near and far and poured in a lot in the summer. Sam Son has a coastline of about 9 km with beautiful beaches such as inner-city beaches (A, B, C, D), Quang Cu beach, Vinh Son beach … Sam Son is appreciated for its wide coasts. , flat, smooth slope, fine sand, big waves …

In addition, nature also endows this place with vivid natural scenery such as Trong Mai island, Doc Cuoc temple, Co Tien mountain, Truong Le mountain, … There are many villas, motels and hotels around. diversity is always ready to serve visitors. The sea also provides a plentiful source of seafood, highlighting a sunny squid, fish salad, blood cockle, sea cucumber, blood cockles … 

The games, thrilling to the heart, visitors can try at the amusement park located on Nguyen Du main road, near the campus at Sam Son market. There are roller coasters, horse riding, electric car driving, Spiderman, Ironman, Pirates of the Caribbean, Apolo … extremely suitable for young people who like thrills. 

The list of the most attractive destinations in Thanh does not go unfortunately

Hai Tien Sea

Hai Tien Beach, located 15km from the city center, is one of the 3 most beautiful beaches in Thanh. The attraction of Hai Tien lies in the harmony between the pristine natural landscape, the quiet but no less modern space of the tourism infrastructure architecture. Coming to Hai Tien, visitors are completely immersed in nature, sun, wind and sea sand, along the beach is a row of green coconuts, visitors can sit back, watch the scenery, enjoy the fresh air. peaceful, peaceful to romantic landscape.

In addition, Hai Tien beach tourism has also exploited many interesting sea games, try to paraglide from the top of Linh Truong mountain or enjoy fresh seafood of this rich sea.

If you are still wondering about choosing a photo corner, do not worry too much when the recently inaugurated Hai Tien wharf has become a beautiful check-in point like Europe, promising to “cause storms” when posting pictures. the picture on social networks.

Hai Hoa Sea

Hai Hoa Beach is one of the prominent Thanh destinations , possessing pristine features with stretched fine white sand, cool blue water, with green casuarina groves … Hai Hoa is the place will give you a peaceful and fresh air. Here, you can comfortably take pictures with the sea, with boats, fishing nets of the people … 

Traveling to Hai Hoa beach, you can not only immerse yourself in the roaring seawater but also come here you will have the opportunity to visit and explore many famous tourist spots here such as Quang Trung temple and the rocky beach at the foot of the temple. , Nghi Son island.

Bai Dong

Bai Dong is a newly exploited beach in Nghi Son commune, Tinh Gia – just 60km from Thanh Hoa city, is the ideal stopover for young people who want to avoid the bustling atmosphere like other famous beaches. converging all the elements: blue sea, sunshine and wilderness. Coming here, visitors will be overwhelmed with the peaceful and gentle scenery of Bai Dong, providing an ideal relaxing space.

After arriving at Bai Dong – Thanh Hoa, visitors will be quite startled to realize that they can only swim and “live virtual”, without any diving, surfing or skydiving services here. Some of the ideal virtual living spots here are the coastal rock, the swing area and the rest camps. There is also a cafe under the management of the Nghi Son Eco Island ecological area with a rustic design suitable for visitors to stop by and take some pictures.

Ham Rong relic cluster – Thanh Hoa city

Ham Rong Mountain – Ham Rong Bridge: Besides the towering mountains on the banks of the Ma River, Ham Rong Bridge is the remnant of the nation’s war against the French. rebuilt, restored and over the years is now a bridge connecting trains north to south.

Dragon Eye Cave: Dragon Eye Cave is located right on Dragon Mountain which is a beautiful landscape of Thanh country, since ancient times it has been a place for traveling and reciting the poetic bay of kings. The cave is located in the middle, smoothly on both sides of the mountain at the head of the Dragon, exactly where the Dragon’s eyes are. On the ceiling of the cave, the cliff still preserves the ghost stelae chewing poetry of the Le kings.

– Truc Lam Ham Rong Zen Monastery: Located on the C4 hill of Ham Rong mountain, this is one of the main tourist attractions of the Ham Rong relic. Ham Rong Truc Lam has a very beautiful position, with its back leaning on the mountain, facing the Ma River, in a quiet space, fresh air, and charming landscape will be an attractive destination in the trip. your Thanh Hoa calendar.

Dong Son Ancient Village

In Qing country destinations, if you want to find peace, ancient, do not miss Dong Son ancient village. An old village in Ham Rong ward, Thanh Hoa city is a small village on the south bank of the Ma River, where the typical elements of a traditional Vietnamese village converge. The back is against Ham Rong mountain, in front of the fertile fields, the surrounding three sides are small rocky mountains, lowland hills interspersed with the names: Dragon Mountain, Phuong Mountain, Elephant Mountain, Canh Tien Mountain …

Dong Son ancient village structure follows the shape of herringbone, the main road in the middle of the village, many small branches branching out to the directions, called the village lane. Each lane has a very beautiful gate, and the name of each lane has meaning, such as Dung Lane where many people participate in protecting the security of the village, Tri lane is where many students pass, Nhan lane, alley. Means…. 

Dong Son ancient village still preserves communal house, village gate, red brick paved streets, mossy stone walls, dozens of houses over a hundred years old, including a house with 5 rooms over 200 years old. relatively intact. In addition, the village has relics of the temple of Duc Thanh Ca Le Uy – Tran Khac Chan built in the 11th century. 

Citadel of the Ho Dynasty

The Ho Dynasty citadel was the capital of Dai Ngu (the Ho Dynasty), located on the territory of Vinh Loc District – Thanh Hoa. As a solid citadel with unique large-scale stone architecture in Vietnam, after 6 centuries, the work is still relatively intact. The citadel was recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage in June 2011.

Ho Dynasty citadel with the outside built of stone, the interior is mainly filled with soil, the south and north sides of the Ho Dynasty citadel are more than 900m long, and the East and West are more than 700m long. The inner city has 4 gates in the middle of the city walls, the gates are arched in architecture, with carved stones in the shape of a grapefruit cluster, arranged closely together. Surrounding the Inner City are Hao Thanh, La Thanh is the outer ring, to protect the Inner City and is the residence of residents in the city. In addition, the relic area has Nam Giao Altar which is a place to pray to heaven, pray for good weather, and national peace is also a place to worship the gods of emperors, stars and many other gods. In addition, located outside the main gate there is a gallery depicting elephants, horses, soldiers holding spears, and some other antiques.

Photo: Trung Duc

Cam Luong god fish stream

More than 80 km from the center of Thanh Hoa city to the Northwest, Cam Luong god fish stream is located at the foot of Truong Sinh mountain, in Luong Ngoc village, Cam Luong commune, Cam Thuy district. Among the four vertical limestone mountains, the Ngoc stream is just over a hundred meters long, 3-4 m wide, home to tens of thousands of fish (weighing from 2 to 8 kg, king fish weighing up to 30 kg) Very strange, colorful. Whenever we swim, the fish’s body glows Fish are preserved and worshiped by local Muong and Thai ethnic minorities as mascots of this land. Visitors to one of these prominent Thanh destinations can feed fish, take pictures, but should not play around and especially do not catch fish from the stream.

Lam Kinh relic area

The historical site of Lam Kinh is 50 km northwest of Thanh Hoa city, located in Xuan Lam and Tho Xuan communes. The character who created Lam Kinh is Le Thai To. After the victory of the Lam Son uprising (1418 – 1428), he was crowned emperor and stationed in Dong Kinh (Thang Long), at this time the king built a citadel called Lam in his homeland of Lam Son. Kinh. In the complex of the relic area, there are many areas to visit such as Lam Kinh palace, Le Thai To king’s mausoleum, Vinh Lang stele, Le Loi temple …

Photo: NemTV

Elephant Waterfall

Located in Thanh Van commune, Thach Thanh district, Elephant waterfall has long been an attractive tourist attraction for tourists. The scene here is like a charming painting with a combination of waterfalls, streams and regenerating forests. The water overflowed on the sedimentary rock, and then poured down from a height of about 5 m to form silvery-white currents, under the dense greenery, fresh and fresh.

Waterfall of Clouds

Thac May is about 100km from Hanoi city, located in Cuc Phuong National Park in Thanh Hoa province – in Thach Lam commune – Thach Thanh district. May Falls falls from the top of Thach Lam mountain, with an altitude of about 100m, and has all 9 steps overlapping to create soft water like wavy lines of a white silk strip.

In addition to the nine main cascades, there are also father, mother and child falls. The two sides are big old trees that always radiate shade down the waterfall. May Waterfall has water all year round but will be most beautiful from August onwards. At that time, the stream of gentle and rustic waterfall was as passionate as a Muong girl in spring. When the sun shines through the trees and falls into the water, the sparkling Cloud waterfall is the time to take the best shots.

Ben En National Park

City and Thanh Hoa is about 36km to the southwest, located 2 Nhu Thanh district – Nhu Xuan, national parks Ben En is such a “Halong Bay on land” is one of the attractive destinations of Thanh Hoa should up to 1 time. Ben En has a mountainous terrain, with many rivers, streams and squid lakes on the mountains, 21 floating islands. The garden is also home to many species of precious creatures, with 1389 species of plants (green iron, flower slices, coriander, mussels, etc.), 1004 animal species, 66 species of mammals (with 29 names in the Vietnam Red Book such as: red wolf, horse bear, black gibbon, phoenix land, chicken in cash gold …

Pu Luong

Pu Luong National Park is a nature reserve in the districts of Ba Thuoc and Quan Hoa, located in the northwest of Thanh Hoa province. The nature reserve covers an area of ​​17,662 ha, of which ¾ is primary forest; It is connected with the tail of Cuc Phuong National Park by two parallel gray limestone mountains, in the middle are rice valleys.

In recent years, resort in Pu Luong is becoming a trend, in a wild and cool place. Although far from Thanh Hoa city to 130 km, many people do not hesitate to travel a long distance with mountainous terrain to come here, enjoy a wonderful vacation, live in harmony with the close nature and multi-ecosystems. rich form. Outstanding destinations in Pu Long adventure: Ban Kho Muong, Kho Muong cave, Son Ba Muoi village, Don village (Thanh Lam commune), Ban Hieu, Hieu waterfall, Want waterfall (Dien Quang commune), mountain top Pu Luong, Pu Luong Retreat Resort, Pho Doan market.

Above are the most prominent Thanh destinations that when you have the opportunity to visit this Central region, visitors should not miss. If you have checked in at these locations please share with Vinlove!

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