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Fascinated by the crunchy aroma of shrimp specialties – an irresistible delicacy in Thanh

Thanh Hoa specialties, besides spring rolls and shrimp paste, also have a famous shrimp paste dish that is extremely “addictive”.

If you are a person with a great passion for food, surely once you come to Thanh Hoa, you cannot miss the opportunity to enjoy the delicious and typical shrimp cakes here.

This dish does not require sophisticated ingredients, nor is it too complicated to make, but it has an indescribable appeal.

Fascinated by the crunchy aroma of shrimp specialties – an irresistible delicacy in Thanh

Shrimp fried rice is a must-try specialty when coming to Thanh Hoa.(Photo: bummnbe13)

Thanh Hoa shrimp cakes with the main ingredients are fresh and delicious shrimps from Sam Son sea. To produce quality servings, shrimp may not need to be large, but they must be fresh. The shrimp are preliminarily cleaned, boiled briefly, then peeled, taken with black thread, then pounded. Along with shrimp, the filling is also mixed with a little golden fried bacon.

The fragrant, fragrant yellow rolls conquer all diners.(Photo: food_tourju)

If other types of rolls are completed, the mixture will be fried or steamed directly, Thanh Hoa shrimp cakes are rolled in a layer of pho. The outer shell is a thick and chewy noodle cake of medium thickness, each piece is about 4cm wide and 7cm long.

The rolling process requires ingenuity and meticulousness so that the rolls are not torn but still ensure the firmness, the shape is not beautiful, there is no opening, no deviation.

The processing of shrimp paste also requires meticulousness and ingenuity to produce beautiful finished products.(Photo:

The finished pieces are clamped on fresh bamboo braces or placed on a griddle, grilled on a burning charcoal stove extremely beautifully. When grilling, the seller must also be very careful and skillful to turn the meat around so that the meat is cooked evenly from the inside out.

Parts of shrimp paste are watered on embers.(Photo:

The pieces of shrimp paste under the owner’s swift hands gradually turn yellow and emit a fragrant aroma, stimulating all the senses of diners.

The crust is crispy on the outside, and the filling is moist inside.(Photo:

Shrimp cakes are best when they have just finished baking and must be served with a variety of dipping sauces including thinly sliced ​​green papaya, sliced ​​figs, fresh chili, garlic, vinegar, sugar, etc. to make pickles and diluted fish sauce. In addition, it is also indispensable for a basket of fresh vegetables including lettuce, coriander, basil …

Sweet and sour sauce and a basket of raw vegetables are indispensable when served with shrimp paste.(Photo: babanh)

Picking up each piece of crispy crispy fried rice that still carries the warmth and dipping it into the dipping sauce, the rich taste of the shrimp meat filling blends with the salty, sweet, sour, and spicy flavors from fish sauce and raw vegetables. I just felt a burst of flavors in my mouth. It is the combination of sausages and vegetables and melons that helps balance the dish, diners are spoiled for choice without feeling bored, on the contrary, they just want to eat forever.

Crispy hot shrimp rolls wrapped with raw vegetables dipped in a sweet and sour fish sauce full of attractive. (Photo: food_tourju)

Thanh Hoa shrimp paste with its idyllic appeal has contributed to bringing the name of this North Central region’s cuisine to its mark on Vietnamese land.

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