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Delicious noodle soup shops with shrimp paste and shrimp paste in Hanoi just mentioned the name 

Visiting these delicious shrimp paste noodle shops in Hanoi, you will enjoy the capital’s specialty vermicelli with an irresistible distinctive flavor. 

Delicious shrimp paste noodle shops in Hanoi that you should try 

1. Phan Phu Tien bean vermicelli

One of the delicious vermicelli noodles with shrimp paste in Hanoi that locals and tourists love is the noodle shop located at 34 Phan Phu Tien, Dong Da District. This place is considered one of the best noodle shops in Hanoi, always crowded with customers. 

Delicious noodle soup shops with shrimp paste and shrimp paste in Hanoi just mentioned the name 
This noodle shop is famous for its delicious taste and hot yellow beans. Photo: @bittenbymee

From 11 am, diners have started to visit the shop to enjoy this delicious and attractive noodle dish. Of course, there must be a reason why the restaurant is so crowded. But the reason here is that the beans are always hot and smelly when customers order, the restaurant will bring them fried, not ready-made. Therefore, the portion of vermicelli brought out is always fragrant, not boring but also very delicious. 

The vermicelli section has enough vermicelli, beans, fried nuggets, tongue,… Photo: @rebeltequila

A noodle dish at the shop has a full range of toppings, including vermicelli, beans, meat, crab cakes, fried rice nuggets, tongue,… All ingredients are carefully selected, ensuring clean, delicious and quality. Therefore, the price of a piece of vermicelli here is about 80,000 VND, much higher than other shops.

2. Bun Dau Doan Tran Nghiep

Vermicelli with shrimp paste, which is a Hanoi specialty , is sold in many places around the outskirts of the capital. However, if you need to find a place that sells delicious vermicelli noodles with many positive reviews, come to 42 Doan Tran Nghiep, Hai Ba Trung District to enjoy once.

Vermicelli with shrimp paste with shrimp is a specialty of Hanoi, many places are very delicious. Photo: @ruahaman

This is also a delicious shrimp paste noodle shop in Hanoi that is loved by many tourists. The flavor of the shop’s vermicelli noodles is very special, it is the perfect combination of the typical shrimp paste flavor accompanied by extremely skillfully fried pork belly, pork belly and beans. Therefore, even diners from far away love and often visit the restaurant. 

Each vermicelli noodle shop with shrimp paste will have its own elements to attract customers. Photo: @kiothanoi104

Here, the pieces of beans are carefully fried to retain the golden color and crispiness of the outer shell. While the inner layer of the intestine remains soft, fragrant and greasy. Pick up a piece of hot beans, dip it into a bowl of shrimp paste and sip, feel the rich flavor melt on the tip of the tongue. In addition, the restaurant also has a very delicious heart dish, often “sold out”, you should try it once. 

3. Goc Da shrimp paste noodles (Brick Lane)

If you are looking for a delicious noodle soup with shrimp paste in Hanoi , go to the restaurant located at 4 Ngo Gach Street. If you follow the direction from Nguyen Sieu Street to Gach Lane, you will see the shop on the right. And if you go from the direction of Hang Duong to Ngo Gach, the shop will be located on the left-hand side. 

The attractive noodle dish at 4 Ngo Gach Street is delicious and attractive. Photo: @bachuaviahe

Each noodle shop in Ha Thanh will conquer diners with its own elements. And in this noodle shop, shrimp paste is the reason that many tourists love it. Here, shrimp paste is mixed with its own recipe, fragrant and mouth-watering, with the right taste of fish sauce, medium salty but not too sweet. 

Attractive topping of the bean vermicelli. Photo: @bachuaviahe

A serving of vermicelli at the shop is full of toppings, including vermicelli, beans, and more fried rice nuggets, boiled meat, etc., decorated very eye-catching and attractive. Perhaps, you should only order one serving before ordering other dishes to avoid not eating all and wasting it. On average, each portion of vermicelli at the restaurant ranges from 45,000 to 55,000 VND. 

4. Ms. Tuyen’s shrimp paste noodles with shrimp paste

Among the delicious vermicelli dishes in Hanoi , vermicelli is always “toppers” because of its very own delicious taste that other dishes do not have. And in the delicious vermicelli noodle shops, Ms. Tuyen’s bean vermicelli in Hang Khay is always highly appreciated. According to the reviews of those who “play the vermicelli system”, Ms. Tuyen’s noodle shop has a long history, and the quality is undisputed.

Ms. Tuyen’s bean vermicelli noodles are very attractive with enough yellow beans, fried rice, meat,… Photo: @dingolong

Coming to Ms. Tuyen’s noodle shop, you will see that it is always crowded with customers, especially the time frame from 10 am to 2 pm. The most attractive feature of vermicelli with shrimp paste at the restaurant is that the beans are evenly fried, crispy and golden, when eating, you can feel the fatty aroma that melts in your mouth. 

Eye-catching, delicious pieces of meat in the noodle dish at Ms. Tuyen’s restaurant. Photo: @vuongmaichi_1407

Each portion of vermicelli here costs from 45,000 VND, full of vermicelli, beans, pork leg meat, spring rolls, … hot, fresh. Besides the golden fried bean curd, the thinly sliced ​​and beautifully curled pork leg meat is also an attractive point. The vermicelli part is also fresh and soft, contributing to a perfect dish.

5. Banyan bean vermicelli

One more delicious noodle soup with shrimp paste in Hanoi that you should visit is Cay Da vermicelli, located at 235B Thuy Khue. With the quality of its delicious food and its reputation, the restaurant attracts a large number of diners to enjoy vermicelli noodles – an important dish on the culinary map of Hanoi . 

Hanoi has the famous Cay Da noodle shop. Photo: @quinquinchannel

Cay Da will not disappoint diners with a filling, “full topping” of noodles including vermicelli, beans, sausages, meat, fried intestines, pig ears, etc. If you want to try fake civet meat, the shop is also available to serve.

A part of the restaurant’s eye-catching noodle soup. Photo: @_luu.quynh.anh_

What makes the restaurant attractive is the shrimp paste which has a characteristic aroma, rich taste and is prepared to taste. The beans are cut into small pieces, fried into hot crispy golden pieces. Just pick up a piece of vermicelli, add a piece of topping, dip it into shrimp paste, you can feel the delicious taste of this scrumptious dish. 

Noodles with eye-catching colors, giving off a delicious taste. Photo: @phuonganh.uni

Among many delicious noodle soup shops in Hanoi , the ones above are considered the most attractive and delicious. If you suddenly crave vermicelli noodles or have the opportunity to visit the tourist capital, try visiting these shops to enjoy the typical flavor of Ha Thanh shrimp paste noodles. 

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