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Beer made from Hanoi autumn specialties: Foreign guests sobbed, only drinking once a year

From Com – a typical gift of Hanoi’s autumn, artisans have created a unique beer.

Referring to Hanoi’s autumn, anyone will remember a typical gift, considered a specialty only on this occasion of the year, which is nuggets. Besides nuggets being processed into dishes, since 2016, a new concept of nuggets has been born, originating from Vietnamese artisans themselves. That is beer nuggets.

Hearing this, many people will be curious about what beer nuggets will be like.

Beer is an alcoholic beverage, usually made from the main combination of rice and barley, which is cooked and fermented. Regular beer has a slightly bitter taste, which is a popular beverage for many people.

Com is a dish made from glutinous rice. Glutinous rice is roasted in low heat, then pounded and cleaned by sieving all the husks and removing all impurities to produce the final result.

Beer made from Hanoi autumn specialties: Foreign guests sobbed, only drinking once a year

What will the combination of beer and nuggets look like?

In Hanoi, every autumn, nuggets emerge as a special gift that cannot be missed. Com can be eaten fresh, or processed into a number of other dishes such as Com, corn Com, Cake Com, Com, or sticky rice…

So what are beer nuggets?

Beer nuggets – a special drink developed by the Vietnamese themselves

In 2016, beer nuggets appeared in Vietnam for the first time. It is known that this beer was born and developed by the Vietnamese himself, Mr. Do Giang Vinh, the co-founder of a homemade beer brand.

According to his share, the first ingredients to help make beer nuggets are nuggets, eight aromatic rice, hops, barley and sticky leaves to add aroma to the beer.

His original idea, was to create a beer with the colors and flavors of Hanoi’s autumn, and then he gathered the ingredients to create that flavor. Immediately, he thought of nuggets and then experimented. And so beer nuggets were born.

Do Giang Vinh, the “father” of beer nuggets in Vietnam.

The first time he tried it, Vinh failed because the taste of beer was not standard with nuggets. However, the artisans are still determined to the end to create a typical Vietnamese drink. After 10 or more times, the final product is as expected, which is a batch of fresh beer, with a standard nuggets flavor.

Beer is brewed entirely by hand instead of machine-processed. The artisans said that it takes 1 month to cook, brew, ferment and many other meticulous stages to complete a batch of beer nuggets, each batch is limited to less than 200 liters. After such a long time, the new beer has a fragrant flavor of nuggets.

Beer nuggets are created in meticulous steps, lasting up to 1 month.(Photos of Saigon marketing)

Many visitors enjoy the experience of drinking beer nuggets. Ms. Catriona Cotton, a tourist from Newcastle, UK said: “I feel the taste of rice and nuggets in the beer. The beer is very light, not too heavy and I like it very much.”

“I feel the aroma of nuggets mixed with the taste of beer is very interesting,” said another Vietnamese diner after enjoying the beer.

Beer nuggets are only produced as well as achieve the best taste and aroma in the 3 months of autumn. Therefore, many customers, especially those who love craft beer in general or beer nuggets in particular, just wait for this occasion to enjoy.

Not only is it a popular beverage for men, but beer nuggets also have a low alcohol content, only 4.5 – 5 degrees. So beer is suitable for both women.

Beer nuggets are suitable for both women because the alcohol content is not high.

In addition to nuggets, Mr. Do Giang Vinh’s craft beer brand also launched “strange” beers such as mango beer, jackfruit beer, pomelo beer, and strawberry beer… with equivalent ingredients. That is also the most distinctive and special point of craft beer when artisans can add, subtract or change ingredients to give them the flavor they want.

Beer nuggets are truly the result of a creative and unique blend. Deeper than that is the artisan’s love for Hanoi specialties, autumn and the desire to bring them closer to international friends.

Hanoi is in the most beautiful days of autumn, the days of fresh nuggets are filled with street vendors on the streets. If you are familiar with the dishes made from nuggets, why don’t you try it once and take a sip of beer nuggets?

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