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Hanoi coffee shops attract tourists from far away

The old Dinh, Lam, Giang, Pho Cho, or the newly opened Loading T are all coffee addresses that many tourists come to when visiting Hanoi.

Dinh Coffee

Located on the 2nd floor of a small attic at 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem District, Dinh Coffee is a familiar address for domestic and foreign tourists to Hanoi. The shop is about 40 years old, formerly Bich coffee, the name of the female owner. Gradually, this place became known as Dinh, simply because it was located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street. The entrance of the restaurant is quite slick, bearing the characteristics of Hanoi’s old town.

The shop is only about 20 m2 wide, with a small balcony overlooking Hoan Kiem Lake as the “eating corner”. This place is also famous for traditional coffee dishes such as black or brown, which are made entirely by filter. In recent years, the cafe’s egg coffee is favored by great demand from foreign tourists.

Giang Coffee

Giang is a coffee address, can be said to be the oldest in Hanoi, with more than 70 years old, currently at 39 Nguyen Huu Huan. Mr. Giang, the founder of the shop, used to work as a bartender for the Metropole Hanoi hotel. According to many stories, at that time milk was an expensive ingredient, so Mr. Giang thought of a way to replace milk with eggs, creating a different but equally delicious cup of coffee.

The above reason has made egg coffee become the most famous drink of the shop, along with egg cocoa and other traditional coffees. Like Dinh, Giang is always a place full of visitors from far and wide, including many foreigners and people from provinces throughout the country.

Lam Coffee

Located on the same street as Giang is Lam coffee, at 60 Nguyen Huu Huan, with an age of nearly 70 years. The shop’s first owner was Nguyen Van Lam, an art collector with books and paintings. In the past, he was also known as a coffee supplier to the poor artist community in the capital, with typical iced and hot coffee mixed with milk.

Lam Coffee now has a few more addresses opened by Mr. Lam’s son. However, Lam’s art gallery space with small tables and chairs is still the most sought-after place. The drinks of the shop are no longer just coffee, but have been added with many other types such as smoothies…

Loading Billions

Compared to the above cafes, Loading T at 8 Chan Cam is only a “descendant” when it has only been open for about 5 years. The shop is located on the second floor of an old French villa, “very Hanoi”, with a small area, just enough for a few sets of tables and chairs. The owner is a 7X generation with passion and sophistication for coffee. He also wants Loading T to be not only a place to enjoy drinks, but also for people to spend time “loading” everything.

Loading T’s main space is indoors, but there is a small table located in the hallway on the walkway. This corner of the table is almost never empty because it is an ideal chill place with a beautiful view of the street. If you are looking for a traditional coffee flavor, but with a bit of a novelty, then the aroma of cinnamon here could be the right choice. The shop also serves egg coffee.

Market Street Coffee

Just a few steps from Sword Lake, at 46 Cau Go alley and adjacent to Hanoi’s famous Hang Be market, Pho Cho coffee has an ancient style, highlighted by the old yellow wall that makes you feel like you are being pampered. back to the subsidy period. The shop has been open for more than 5 years, the space is not too large, but it always brings tranquility even though many people come here.

The inside of the shop brings back memories of old tables and chairs, old mattresses, TVs, or wooden shelves… The drinks in the shop are not too special, including coffee, smoothies, and tea… but the taste is good. Location is a big plus because of the comfortable parking space, and open and spacious outdoor space.

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