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Amazingly beautiful, the rows of small yellow-leaved eagle trees on the streets of Hanoi

Some roads along the To Lich river are attractive photography spots for Hanoi people because of the rows of small maple trees that turn bright yellow in the wet, foggy spring weather.

To Lich riverside road, trees turn bright yellow like “Western sky”

Ring Road 2 starts from the road leading to the elevated road (Lang – Cau Giay – Buoi intersection), three rows of small yellow-leaved eagle trees attract people on the road.

The rows of small-leaved eagle trees (Taiwanese basil) turn bright yellow at the beginning of the elevated road, Buoi Street.

At the road close to the To Lich River (lower road), the leaves of the eagle tree fall into a bright yellow carpet.

The new small-leaved eagle was planted on this road a few years ago along with the perennial phoenix.

Many young people have made an appointment here to take souvenir photos, while passersby when encountering beautiful trees also stop to take pictures.

Rows of small yellow-leafed oak trees on Nguyen Khanh Toan Street. 

At the intersection of Cau Giay, trees are planted a lot on the traffic island.

This variety has now been planted to replace maple trees on Tran Duy Hung and Nguyen Chi Thanh streets due to the unsuitable climate. The small-leaved eagle tree is called the Taiwanese eagle, can be 5-20m high, 6-8m high.

The tree has beautiful, compact foliage, short branches, grows in an upward direction to create a moderate canopy, does not take up much space, suitable in conditions of increasingly narrow space. Small-leaved conifers have small fruits, small leaves, so when they fall, they cause less pollution than older trees.

The tops of the trees growing from the ground rose brightly in the overhead road.

A row of trees in front of the University of Transport .

Many people liken the yellow leaf streets in Hanoi these days as beautiful as autumn in Korea.

Small leaves are more and more popular because of their straight shape, beautiful foliage, tiny leaves that cause little pollution when they fall, so the tree is planted for shade everywhere such as schools, parks, streets, urban areas, tourist areas, housing projects, planting trees for banks, industrial parks, sidewalks, parks.

Trees both make the space cooler and filter harmful gases and return fresh air, but thanks to its straight shape, it will limit the tree’s breakage due to storms, thereby reducing the cost of tree care and pruning. . The tree is suitable for a tropical climate, so it is very suitable for the weather in Vietnam.

Streets of trees dyed yellow in rainy weather in Hanoi.

Trees on Buoi Street.

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