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Long Bien Bridge is poetic when the season comes back

No need to go far, even in the capital, there is a blooming reed lawn creating a dreamlike scene.

Every October, when the reed season comes, many tourists invite each other to move to some places such as Binh Lieu (Quang Ninh), Doi Bu (Hanoi) to admire the beauty of the blooming reed hills. white bloom erased an entire sky. 

This year because of the complicated epidemic situation, some tourists in Hanoi also went to find places to watch reeds in the inner city. At the foot of Long Bien Bridge, the reed grass has also spread to create a beautiful scene, just raise the camera to have an instant virtual live photo.

Long Bien Bridge is poetic when the season comes back
The budding reed has a beautiful light green color (Photo: No Food Phobia). 

Recently, Blogger Vu My Linh – No Food Phobia shared an impressive set of photos taken at Long Bien Bridge during the blooming reed season. The set of photos made many young people admire because of the poetic beauty of Long Bien Bridge. 

Vu My Linh shared: “We took this set of photos in the morning, but for the best picture, you should go around 3-4 pm. At this time, the sun is shining down on the reed meadow. The photo is that when the cotton is still green, the wipe will gradually turn to dark yellow over time”, Blogger shared. 

Thousands of reeds at the foot of Long Bien Bridge (Photo: No Food Phobia). 

At each time the reed grass will have a separate color, creating different effects for the photos. When the reed grass is budding, it will have a light green color, then after a while, the reed will bloom white, at the end of the season, the white cotton will fall and gradually fly away, leaving dark yellow-brown reed branches.

As far as the eye can see, an area of ​​reed grass blooms full of dreams (Photo: No Food Phobia). 

To take such poetic photos, Vu My Linh said, to make this set of photos, just standing on Long Bien bridge looking down is also very beautiful. It is not necessary to recklessly climb to the cliff below the bridge to take pictures that will endanger yourself. 

“This reed is located in the middle beach, if you want to go down to the bottom, you can go from Long Bien market. As for me, just looking at the mop from the bridge is more than enough, zooming in from above to see the reeds. much longer than the eyes. 

Admire the beauty of Hanoi in the early winter (Photo: No Food Phobia). 

Being able to see the reeds blooming from the historical Long Bien bridge, which has been discolored by time, I have a lot of emotions. A very peaceful feeling. Every time there is a cold wind blowing, the grasslands drift with the wind creating a very wonderful scene. My heart is suddenly strangely light,” Vu My Linh shared. 

No need to go far, even in Hanoi, you can find such a beautiful reed lawn (Photo: No Food Phobia). 

The vast clusters of white reed flowers at the foot of Long Bien bridge swaying in the early winter wind are so poetic. Invite your loved ones to take a car ride around Long Bien Bridge to find this virtual living place right away. 

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