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Live virtual art at Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery in Hanoi

Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery is the place to organize exhibitions of unique artworks with a beautiful check-in space for every centimeter.

Locate the coordinates of Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery

Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery is currently a famous place to visit and take photos in the Hanoi capital. This place is for art lovers, passionate about checking in and looking for unique values ​​expressed through painting works. 

Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery is located right on Trang Tien street. Photo: @bychloenguyen

This gallery is located at 9 Trang Tien, Trang Tien Ward, Hoan Kiem district. With its location right in the center of Ha Thanh, this destination is very convenient for visitors to take time to visit and take some photos. celebrate. 

Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery has been operating since September 2020. Photo: @yaomei.x

On September 3, 2020, this gallery was officially launched and quickly won the hearts of young people who love paintings. This place is a space to display the artworks of Cyril Kongo – a very famous French – Vietnamese graffiti artist.

Live virtual art at Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery in Hanoi
This place is the art coordinates loved by young people in Ha Thanh. Photo: @ngoc.traam

Cyril Kongo was born in 1969 in magnificent France, to a French mother and Vietnamese father. He fell in love with graffiti art at the age of 18 and quickly became a freelance artist, famous for his street art. As a native of Vietnam, Cyril Kongo opened a gallery right in the capital to spread the value of graffiti to a large number of young people.

Check-in full of art at Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery

If you are looking for a virtual living place in the capital , this gallery is the coordinates that you should visit once. This is the first exhibition space of a Vietnamese-born artist opened in Vietnam, not only possessing a large scale but also being decorated with bold art. 

Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery is boldly imprinted with street art. Photo: @janjolly.jj

There is a Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery decorated with all the most famous and representative works of Cyril Kongo’s career. Specifically, the works named: Colorful World, Hamiltoniens, Kongo J, etc. have received the love of many visitors to visit and check-in.

The gallery is decorated with many passionate works of artist Cyril Kongo. Photo: @hieuhan.truong

No need to go inside to explore the exhibition space, just walking through Trang Tien Street, you will see the image of this gallery appearing extremely prominent. The facade wall of the gallery is inspired by the works of Cyril Kongo with vibrant yellow, red, pink, blue, etc. Just stand in and you have a beautiful check-in photo right away. 

Just stand in and have a good check-in photo to bring home. Photo: @nieuwbegin__

Then, when going deep inside the Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery , a space filled with light and color gradually comes into being. On the wall, paintings painted with graffiti art are arranged scientifically. Each work, no matter how big or small, exudes a very personal mark. 

The works here are very colorful. Photo: @nnka.tie

In order to exalt the beauty of the brilliant paintings, the walls are painted in white and gray colors, combined with rustic brick details. All bring a sophisticated, modern beauty and still show the simple spirit of this street art.

The check-in space is full of art. Photo: @hieuhan.truong

Every corner inside this beautiful gallery in Hanoi is an artful space, with enough light for visitors to take selfies or take “so deep” photos. And just like the reviews of many young people, just stand in and you will have ravishing photos to show off on social networks. 

Various colors are used to create a unique background. Photo: @_lailachangg

In particular, when visiting this art destination in Hanoi  , you can also admire a Parisian painting worth more than 2 billion VND. This is a painting with many autographs of friends and colleagues who have always accompanied artist Kongo throughout his journey to pursue his artistic dream.

Artist Cyril Kongo looks at his work. Photo: @cyrilkongo_vietnamgallery

Visiting Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery, visitors can see beautiful and impressive paintings, and at the same time feel the joyful and positive energy that these works bring. Through each painting, Cyril Kongo wants to send good messages about the meaning of life.

This place is the check-in coordinates that young people love very much. Photo: @viphuonglinhdan

In particular, at this exhibition space, artist Cyril Kongo constantly sends in the latest works to refresh the look both inside and out of the gallery. Each time this gallery “changes new clothes” is an opportunity for visitors to enjoy more interesting works, as well as take many impressive photos for themselves.

Experience of exploring Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery

As an art space with “7749” beautiful angle, Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery is loved by Ha Thanh residents and many visitors to Hanoi . This gallery is open from 10 am to 19 pm every day from Monday to Sunday for the convenience of visitors to visit and take photos.

This gallery is open from 10 am to 19 pm every day. Photo: @iamdiuulinn

In particular, this gallery is completely free and has no time limit to visit and take pictures. However, to limit overcrowding and ensure safety, the showroom will limit the number of visitors. Therefore, to comfortably enjoy paintings and live virtual, you should take advantage of coming here early. 

When traveling to Hanoi, you should try once to come here. Photo: @nana77996688

Cyril Kongo Vietnam Gallery is a beautiful and impressive art destination in the capital Hanoi. This is not only a place to exhibit graffiti paintings by French-Vietnamese artist Cyril Kongo, but also a great virtual living space for young people who love photography. If you have the opportunity, please visit this beautiful gallery once to bring back lots of beautiful photos for yourself! 

Photo: Instagram

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