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Rice flowers and maple trees bloom in Hanoi

Hundreds of rice and maple trees bloom at the same time on a road in an urban area in the Ha Dong district.

Coming to ParkCity Hanoi urban area, La Khe Ward, Ha Dong district these days you will meet the red and yellow road of rice flowers and maple flowers. The rice tree here is still young because it is young, about 4-5 m high, so it does not have the luxuriant and large foliage like in the suburban areas, but the flowers are still blooming like burning fire on the branches.

This is an internal road of the urban area, so the investor has not opened much to visitors. There are currently two rows of yellow maple flowers and a row of rice flowers in the middle that have been planted for several years.

Rice flowers, also known as Moc mien or polang, are grown in many suburbs of Hanoi. The bright red five-petaled flower is not only beautiful but also can be processed into food.

This road is about 300 – 400 m long, with only two types of flowering plants in March, so when viewed from above, it is very prominent.

Ms. Trang Vy in an urban area near the rice flower road came here to take a photo to check in. The road of rice flowers and Phong Linh here is currently empty of people, so it is easy to find a place to take pictures.

While rice flowers can last for 1-2 weeks, yellow maple flowers are much more fragile and only bloom for a few days before they fall, especially if it rains.

The maple tree, also known as the golden bell, originated in South America and is now widely grown in both tropical and subtropical regions. This is a large hardwood tree, usually 2 to 7 m tall.

In the dry season, the tree loses all its leaves and blooms with brilliant yellow color. The flowers are large in size and bloom in clusters, shaped like bells.

The mother and daughter, Ly and Ngoc, live in an adjacent urban area, take advantage of the day off to go for a walk to see flowers and take photos at the Phong Linh flower street.

Rice flowers and maple trees are not only planted in separate rows on a separate road but also alternately on the sidewalks in front of people’s houses.

Photo: Vu Minh Quan

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