21.05.2021, 14:10

Canary flowers are blooming beautifully in Hanoi

Cabbage is grown a lot in Hanoi, around West Lake, new urban areas, Nguyen Phong Sac street… The picture was taken in Van Phu urban area (Ha Dong).

In the hot summer sun, clusters of yellow canary flowers race to bloom, making many roads in the urban area dyed brilliantly yellow.

In addition to Hanoi, cassava is also grown in urban areas such as Nha Trang, Da Lat, Da Nang or Saigon and the Central Highlands.

In Hanoi, the tree is also known as canary tree, 10-20 m high, growing fast. The trunk diameter is about 40 cm. Bark gray white. Hard, heavy wood can be used in building houses, making household appliances, farm tools. Stems smooth, leaves compound.

Especially in the area along the West Lake in the blooming season, the brilliant beauty of the lily is an irresistible attraction for young people who love nature.

A lone cassava tree near West Lake in the summer sun.

A branch of the flower falls on the surface of West Lake with the distant background of modern tall buildings.

Because the beauty is very attractive, many people exercising around West Lake also have to take some time to go to the cassava trees to take souvenir photos for themselves.

Canary tree is also known as Osaka flower, in our country the flower season blooms in May-July every year, the tree is in full bloom and extremely wrong. In the blooming season, the space seems to be spread with an iridescent, glittering and brilliant yellow color.

Inflorescence large, many flowers but sparse, drooping flowers 15-35 cm long or more. Each flower is 4-7 cm in diameter with 5 bright yellow petals with wide oval shape. The ovary and style are covered with silky hairs.

The bright lemon yellow color of cauliflower combines with the fiery red of the phoenix in the early summer days.

The fruit is cylindrical, slightly burned, 20-60 cm long or more, can be used as an enema; The flesh of the fruit has an unpleasant odor.

In West Lake, perhaps the most beautiful part of the road is when the cassava flowers bloom every year at Quang Ba street.

Bright yellow lily blooms in the summer sun.

The canaries grow well in sunny and well-drained areas, not suitable for arid or cold climates. In Thailand, the canary is the national flower. Follow Dan trí