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Queuing up to buy sticky rice nuggets to sip: The autumn trend is making Hanoi’s young people fall in love

Autumn in Hanoi every year does not have nuggets and sticky rice, but this year is suddenly “hot” more.

Hanoi these days, the weather is in the most beautiful autumn. The sky is high and clear, sunny and windy, true to the funny way that people say to each other: “If you don’t go out to play, it’s really a mistake with the weather”.

Not only going out to enjoy the beautiful autumn weather, this Hanoi also has an extremely interesting new trend that makes young people fall in love: Invite each other to buy sticky rice and then sit and sip coffee in the weather. Fall.

Queuing up to buy sticky rice nuggets to sip: The autumn trend is making Hanoi’s young people fall in love

Inviting each other to buy sticky rice and then sit and sip coffee in the autumn weather is becoming a trend that makes Hanoi young people fall in love.

Walking around TikTok , you will always come across green clips, back to the scene of street vendors selling rice and sticky rice on the streets of Hanoi.

Every autumn in Hanoi, there is no sticky rice with sticky rice, even other seasons of the year can be bought.

But this fall, young people have made it a trend, when everyone is interested in “hunting” sticky rice, then invite each other to a corner of a rustic cafe while eating and sipping. a cup of egg coffee, a silver cup of coffee…

Many young people invite each other to buy sticky rice and then go to a cafe to sit and sip

Sticky rice with coconut, lotus seeds, fragrant green beans…

Indeed, no matter how many times you eat rice or sticky rice, every time Hanoi comes to autumn, you crave to buy and eat.

It is not only a delicious dish, a delicious dish, but also contains the atmosphere of Hanoi, the whole autumn of Hanoi that not everywhere can have. That is also the feeling that any Hanoians traveling far away will remember.

Packages of sticky rice in the autumn of Hanoi

Commodities and sticky rice are sold all over the street

Com has long become a dish with the flavor of Hanoi’s autumn

Com and sticky rice are sold in many places around Hanoi, especially in the old quarter. The lines that are attracting the youngest people are the sticky rice near the Cathedral, and the sticky rice on Ly Quoc Su and Chan Cam streets…

These are all delicious sticky rice, wrapped in green leaves, so they are much loved by young people.

Besides, if you want to buy delicious nuggets, you can also stop by Hang Than street, the place that sells famous green rice in Hanoi.

These days, people go to buy nuggets and sticky rice with a lot of people

The saleswoman carefully weighed and then wrapped it in leaves and lotus leaves

The rustic image exudes the autumn atmosphere of Hanoi

The weather in Hanoi is so beautiful these days. Why not take advantage of the most beautiful autumn time with new rice-scented rice and sticky rice packets at a coffee corner? Invite each other to buy and sip, to see that Hanoi autumn every year is wonderful.

This fall, people are more in love with rice and sticky rice than ever before

Green rice sticky rice wrapped in green leaves

A rustic gift but wrapped in Hanoi’s autumn

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