02.01.2022, 08:31

Uoc Le sausage factory

IN HANOI, the pounding and steaming of Uoc Le spring rolls today is made by machine, but still retains the natural, chewy aroma as if it were handmade.

The family of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Loan, from Uoc Le commune (Thanh Oai, Hanoi) for many generations, is one of 20 families belonging to the Uoc Le Sausage Cooperative carrying the traditional craft to many places at home and abroad.

Previously, Uoc Le village only had two types: Spring rolls and spring rolls. Most of the stages are handcrafted by hand. But now, the number of people keeping the job is small, with modern science and technology, so the process of pounding and steaming can be mechanized to free up labor and give higher productivity.

To make delicious spring rolls, workers must put the butt meat of pigs or cows. This meat has high cohesion, firm and fragrant meat. The meat brought back is filtered to remove fat and tendons if making sausages. This is an important step to create the flavor of Uoc Le sausage.

The meat is pre-treated with an ice-cold wash to reduce the temperature and stay fresh. Refrigeration of meat is very important because, in the process of grinding meat in the mortar, the temperature of the meat will heat up, when steaming it is difficult to adjust the temperature, causing spring rolls.

Spices to make spring rolls, with sausages, 10 kg of meat need about 100 ml of fish sauce with 40 degrees of protein. With spring rolls, seasoning is added with seasoning, malt, and honey.

In recent years, people in Hanoi and the southern provinces have preferred Cha com. Pureed pork for a little fat, the ratio of 10 kg of pork mixed with 3 kg of nuggets mix well.

Meat into the mold, depending on the size, with a large mold, you must wrap banana leaves so that the temperature is evenly spread on the face.

Meat put into a small mold will be splashed with ice-cold water on the surface to make it smooth and non-stick, as well as shape.

Dozens of meat trays are put on racks for steaming. The rack is designed to fit a batch with an autoclave. Thanks to modern technology, the steaming time is 12-15 minutes at 100 degrees Celsius. Steaming the sausages depends on the weight, 500 gr – 1,000 gr steams from 50 to 80 minutes, then turns off the steamer to braise the extra temperature. a few minutes to get out.

Usually, winter work is more comfortable than summer, summer weather requires quick processing of ingredients to avoid rancidity.

The traditional rolls made of banana leaves will have a long steaming time and are more expensive than those made of prefabricated metal molds. For connoisseurs of spring rolls, most only eat spring rolls because of their rich, traditional flavor.

The sausage products are left to cool for half a day, then packed and vacuumed for export to restaurants, agents and provinces.
The facility produces from 1 ton per day, peaking at 3 tons/day during Tet.

Today, modern society has many gourmets, requiring the dishes to be changed, so there are 25 types of spring rolls: beef spring rolls, ear rolls, cartilage rolls, nuggets, snail rolls, mushroom rolls, beef tendon rolls. .. The price is from 140,000 to 250,000 VND/kg.

Uoc Le spring rolls have a strong aroma, natural fiber but not smooth, the flat part does not dissolve, the pork rolls are not dense.

The daily amount of spring rolls is exported everywhere in all forms, from the sea, by road, by air to the southern provinces, Can Tho, Laos, China, and Cambodia. The end of the year is a great time to make a lot of money to serve the Lunar New Year. Follow (vnexpress)