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Nam Dinh: Famous for only dipping boiling water once, the inside is still red, the vegetables are sweet and delicious.

This is a famous specialty dish of the people of Giao Thuy – Nam Dinh that has been known to tourists throughout the country.

The plasticity, sweetness from pork combined with crispy pork skin, a little hearing, garlic, chili, fish sauce, and must be eaten with fig leaves … make anyone who eats once must remember forever.

The simple but famous dishes of Giao Thuy make diners unforgettable

Nam Dinh famous spring rolls. Photo: Bich Vu

Through many ups and downs of the nation’s history, the dish has become a “brand” of regional specialties of Nam Dinh homeland. Although it is processed in many places in different ways, it seems that only the land of Giao Thuy – Nam Dinh can produce the best spring rolls.

The reason is called spring rolls because the shape of the spring rolls is rounded, wrapped in a layer of fig leaves and banana leaves, the interesting thing about this dish is that it is finished without needing to be refrigerated, you can still eat it without fear. stale. When enjoying, diners just need to remove the outer layer of banana leaves and arrange spring rolls on a plate to have an extremely eye-catching plate of spring rolls.

What makes Giao Thuy spring rolls delicious and irresistible?

Nam Dinh: Famous for only dipping boiling water once, the inside is still red, the vegetables are sweet and delicious.
The thinner the pork skin is, the more delicious the spring rolls will be. Photo: Bich Vu

To create this excellent dish, the way to make Giao Thuy spring rolls is also very elaborate. The main ingredients are pork, pork skin, fragrant rice, fish sauce, garlic, and accompanying spices.

The special thing that creates the flexibility and softness of this dish, first of all, must include raw pork ingredients or just dip the meat into a boiling pot of boiling water so that the meat is only cooked on the outside but still red on the inside. rotten. If the meat is thoroughly exposed, the spring rolls will be dry and not sweet.

According to the experience of local people, the sliced ​​​​lean meat that is still hot must be processed immediately and not washed through the water to make the meat more delicious and flexible. Should choose meat from healthy, medium-sized pigs, raised with bran residues of the house, without drugs to increase weight, the more fragrant, the sweeter the spring rolls.

The second must mention the crispy pork skin material. Pork skin also needs to clean the hair and stick a little fat so that the spring rolls are not bored, the spring rolls are not wet. According to the people here, the pork skin must be sliced ​​very thin, notched on the piece of skin with a lot of sugar, when sliced, it will create a beautiful pattern. The thinner the pork skin is, the more delicious the spring rolls will be.

The ingredient that makes up the distinctive aroma of this dish is hearing, which is made from Nam Dinh eight rice with a sweet aroma. Rice is soaked overnight, drained, roasted until golden, and ground into a fine powder. The finished product is ivory-yellow in color and has a rich, aromatic taste.

To make the spring rolls more delicious, people add a little fish sauce to the pork with MSG, minced garlic, and then squeeze it evenly for the meat to absorb the spices. The fish sauce must be prepared with fish sauce from Sa Chau to make the right taste. When finished, just add the sliced ​​skin and mix well. Perhaps it is because of this way of seasoning and reducing fish sauce with minced garlic that Giao Thuy spring rolls have a very unique flavor, not mixed with any other types of spring rolls.

When is Giao Thuy spring roll usually eaten?

Spring rolls are used in daily meals and important occasions. Photo: Bich Vu

Spring rolls are not only a familiar dish in every family dinner. But this popular dish is also often ordered by homeowners on the occasion of anniversaries, weddings, and parties. Or in luxury restaurants, beer shops… are indispensable for this spring roll dish. Currently, the price of spring rolls ranges from 40,000 VND to 50,000 VND / 2 ounces.

Although from the time of King Tran Thai Tong to this, through many years of ups and downs in history, this dish is still handed down. To this day, spring rolls in Giao Thuy have become one of the famous and delicious specialties in Thanh Nam. The sweet and rich taste of pork, the crunchiness of the skin, the faint aroma of garlic mixed with the aromatic flavor of hearing will surely captivate anyone who has tasted it even once. Follow Dan Viet