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The strange attraction of Da Nang spring rolls, eat and want to eat more


 The rustic spring rolls are grilled on charcoal, making a street corner fragrant, making it difficult for diners to resist its attraction, eating one skewer and wanting to eat more.

Just like Hanoi is famous for fried spring rolls, Nha Trang has famous grilled spring rolls, spring rolls are also considered a pride and become a specialty dish of the land of Da Nang.

Although they share the same name, the taste and way of enjoying these spring rolls are unique.

The strange attraction of Da Nang spring rolls, eat and want to eat more
Da Nang spring rolls captivated many diners near and far.

Da Nang spring rolls have long “cut the heart” of many diners because of their very own rich and greasy taste.

The main ingredients that make up delicious spring rolls usually include pork and spices. Although the ingredients are simple, the process is quite sophisticated.

The pieces of spring rolls are grilled on a hot charcoal stove, appealing to diners.

The meat selected must be fresh, delicious cuts of meat, complete with all three parts: skin, fat and lean. Then, the meat will be pounded or pureed and then marinated with real spices.

The marinating process seems simple but requires a skilled chef, otherwise it will spoil the characteristic flavor of spring rolls.

After a period of marinating, the chef will meticulously roll the meat into each small chopstick or lemongrass stalk so that when baking spring rolls will be more fragrant.

Fresh raw vegetables are an indispensable side dish when eating spring rolls.

According to Mr. Minh (owner of the spring rolls restaurant in Da Nang), the most “difficult to eat” is still the stage of baking spring rolls. Nem lui is carefully grilled over charcoal.

In particular, grillers must be experienced and bake evenly to avoid the case that the spring rolls are cooked outside but raw inside.

“When baking, you have to watch over medium heat, go back and forth evenly so that the spring rolls are cooked evenly, not burned. When the spring rolls are cooked, they have a sweet aroma and iridescent golden brown color, which is standard,” Mr. Minh shared.

The skewers of spring rolls are small but have an enchanting characteristic flavor.

Besides the main dish is spring rolls, the bowl of rich dipping sauce and the accompanying fresh vegetables are also extremely important.

Each restaurant will often have a different sauce recipe, but the basic ingredients to make that “divine” sauce are usually pork liver, peanuts, spices …

All ingredients are cooked in the right ratio to produce a thick brown sauce with a rich flavor, helping to increase the deliciousness of the dish.

All the flavors are packed into one filling book.

Processing spring rolls is so sophisticated, but the way to enjoy it is extremely simple. Many diners like to put all the ingredients into a piece of rice paper, dry it with dew, then roll it up, dip the spring roll with dipping sauce and immediately put it in their mouth to enjoy.

Diners will feel the typical sweetness of grilled spring rolls, a little bit of sauce mixed with fresh vegetables… All blends, creating a great balance in the taste that the dish brings again.

However, there are many diners who just like to eat spring rolls with dipping sauce to feel the delicious taste of this famous spring rolls.

The dish is rustic and rustic just like the character of the people of Da Nang.

Small skewers of spring rolls are grilled on a charcoal stove, emitting a fragrant smoke, enticing passersby passing by the shops to stop.

With a price of only 5,000 – 8,000 VND / skewers, spring rolls have become popular specialties and cause memories for many “followers” who are passionate about food in Da Nang.

Ms. My Doanh (dinner) expressed: “Delicious spring rolls in Da Nang are very delicious and suitable to eat in any season. Enjoying hot, fragrant spring rolls, dipped in spicy, spicy sauce is nothing better. equal”. Follow Dan trí