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Top 10 Da Nang Homestays that are stunningly beautiful, surprisingly cheap

 Are you preparing for a trip to Da Nang but confused about where to stay? Here are 10 suggestions for Da Nang homestay with a unique design, beautiful view, and especially great price!

1. Moc House – The famous Da Nang Homestay 

Address:  K35/30 To Hien Thanh, Son Tra District, Da Nang 

Reference price:  300k – 450k rooms/night

Moc House is not as beautiful as other homestays in Da Nang, but it keeps attracting tourists’ minds with exceptional rustic and genuine beauty. This place is decorated and decorated with collectibles from wood with warm brown, yellow and white colors as the main colors, bringing a peaceful feeling as if you are lying in your room.

Moc House is designed with many different types of rooms suitable for many groups of tourists or individuals. Each room is equipped with essential iron, air conditioner, hairdryer, fan, reading light. 

Top 10 Da Nang Homestays that are stunningly beautiful, surprisingly cheap

Rooms at Moc homestay

2. Homestay 1986 – Homestay Danang has a nostalgic style

Address:  201 Chuong Duong, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

Reference price:  120k – 400k/room/night

Homestay 1986 is located right on the banks of the romantic Han River, overlooking the green river. This place has a nostalgic and simple design that is different from other modern Da Nang homestays. The area of ​​homestay 1896 is quite large and cleverly arranged, making every corner a special attraction. 

Homestay 1986

This homestay offers many types of rooms: Dormitory, single room with low price. The rooms are fully equipped. A special highlight is a spacious, cool terrace and a comfortable kitchen area, which is ideal for holding warm parties. 

Room at Homestay 1986

3. Memory Hostel – Homestay Danang good price

Address:  03 Tran Quoc Toan, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Reference price:  180k – 360k/room/night

Memory Hostel is a  good and beautiful homestay in Da Nang that you can refer to. Like the 1986 homestay, this place has a rather nostalgic construction style, which is likened to a place where both the present and the past are intertwined when space is decorated with dark brown baked bricks. Coming here, you will feel like you are living in a house with a central character. 

Memory Hostel

The interior of the homestay is molded with cement; the floor is made of wood. In addition, the location is quite favorable when here you can look directly at the famous Han River and the famous Dragon tree. 

Rooms at Memory Hostel

4. D – Green Hostel – Beautiful Danang Homestay 

Address:  37 Mai Di, Hoa Cuong Bac Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang

Reference price:  110k-300k/room/night

D – Green Hostel is one of the homestays in  Da Nang that is invested quite carefully in terms of content and form. If you want to choose a peaceful, unique, and affordable place for many travelers, D – Green Hostel is not a bad choice. Although located in the middle of the city center, the homestay is surrounded by many trees, so it looks cool, comfortable, and quiet. 

D – Green Hostel

Besides, from here visitors can move easily and quickly to famous tourist destinations. The interior space is arranged in a sincere, rustic, rural style with natural wood materials. 

Rooms at D – Green Hostel

5. 5D Upper Dorm – Homestay Danang should not be missed 

Address:  155 Million Queen, Nam Duong, Da Nang

Reference price:  150k/room/night

Referring to the beautiful and cheap homestay addresses in  Da Nang, 5D Upper Dorm is a new name but is currently winning many young people's hearts. The space of the homestay is not too large, but it is private and clean. Every detail is taken care of by the owner, from picture frames hanging along the wall to bottles, vases with eye-catching motifs,… There is also a common room with many appliances. such as TV, musical instruments, game consoles,… 

5D Upper Dorm

The room is decorated with gray and yellow as the main color, evoking a feeling of luxury and coziness like being at home. The dorm has many types of rooms such as 4-bed room, 6-person room, 8-person room,… Each room has a fan, air conditioner, hairdryer, iron,… 

Rooms at 5D Upper Dorm

6. Like Backpacker Hostel – Luxury Homestay Danang Nẵng

Address:  No. 22A Nguyen Tri Phuong, Da Nang,

Reference price:  150k – 500k/room/night

Like Backpacker Hostel is a homestay address in  Da Nang that makes you captivated from the moment you step in by its simple but luxurious architecture. The highlight here is not only by design but also in a unique book cafe and bar. With many titles being updated continuously, sometimes all day long, you want to sit and drink a cup of hot coffee and brood over good books. 

Bookstore at Like Backpacker Hostel

It must be said that there is rarely a homestay that is both as cheap and luxurious as Like Backpacker. Coming here, in addition to resting, you can also choose a beautiful virtual living corner. 

Rooms at Like Backpacker Hostel

7. Packo Hostel – Homestay Danang has an impressive design 

Address:  44 Lam Hoanh, Phuoc My, Son Tra, Da Nang

Reference price:  180k – 520k/room/night

Packo Hostel, a homestay in Da Nang, has a unique design from old containers with full facilities, using insulation, sound, and solar energy systems. 

Packo Hostel

Staying here, you will be resting in a bungalow house painted in fresh and lovely colors such as white, red, blue, yellow,… located next to each other in a large area that is convenient for visitors to watch. The outside scenery brings a feeling of being friendly with nature. 

Rooms at Packo Hostel

8. Hanigo Homestay – Homestay Da Nang near the sea 

Address:  No. 1 Duong Tu Quan, Da Nang 

Price from:  100k – 300k/room/night

Away from the noisy life in the city, Hanigo Homestay is like a peaceful little house located on the road just a few minutes walk to the sea. The homestay is decorated with nature-friendly materials, takes advantage of the old doors, and then puts on a new shirt. 

Hanigo Homestay

Hanigo Homestay has an eye-catching and lively design style with many nooks and crannies for virtual living and selfies. An owner is a young person, so he is quite enthusiastic and comfortable.

Rooms at Hanigo Homestay

9. Little flower homestay – romantic homestay in Da Nang 

Address:  72 Hoang Duc Luong, Son Tra District, City. Danang

Little flower homestay is known as a “kantastic” homestay located peacefully in the heart of Danang city. Although it has only been released for a short time, this place has melted the hearts of many visitors. 

Little flower homestay

True to its name, Little flower homestay is designed in European vintage style. From the fence, the entertainment garden, the balcony to the living room, the bedroom is full of flowers, plants, and sunshine. 

Rooms at Little flower homestay

10. The ’90s Hostel Da Nang – peaceful homestay in Da Nang 

Address:  63 Tran Khanh Du, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

Reference price:  145k – 600k/pax/room

The last name on the cheap and beautiful homestays in Da Nang is The ’90s Hostel Da Nang. Inspired by the doorway of the book leaves combined with the background decor, there are many virtual living views. The ’90s Hostel Da Nang has really become an interesting destination for those who want to find peaceful moments. 

The ’90s Hostel Da Nang

Located right in the heart of the vibrant city, The ’90s Hostel Da Nang is easily chosen by many travelers to stay. Homestay has many different types of rooms such as deluxe double, Triple room, dorm, … with different tones. 

Rooms at The ’90s Hostel Da Nang

Enjoy a memorable stay at homestays in Da Nang with beautiful views when you have an appointment with the most livable city in Vietnam, don’t miss the 10 names just introduced above!

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