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Strange with ice-crusted pork rolls, sold like ice cream in Chau Doc, An Giang

The strangely chilled spring rolls sold in An Giang are truly unique and unprecedented.

Across Vietnam, there are many varieties of spring rolls with unique ways of presentation and taste. Among them, there are cold spring rolls, which are processed and preserved by people in the West in a very special way.

While wandering in Chau Doc, An Giang, the owner of the YouTube channel “Street Food Thao Vy” came across Ms. Lien, a seller of super fancy ice-cold rolls. From afar, everyone thought she was selling ice cream or jelly, but looking closely, it was all cold rolls made with crushed ice.

Strange with ice-crusted pork rolls, sold like ice cream in Chau Doc, An Giang

At first glance, the car is as cold as a glass cabinet full of jelly… (Source: Street Food Thao Vy)

When customers shop, the seller quickly opens the freezer full of cold rolls cut into bite-sized pieces for sale. Each round patty will be further chopped by Ms. Lien to fit the eater’s mouth. While cutting the rolls, she also does it in the freezer to ensure that each piece of meat still retains a certain degree of cold.

Because the meat left in the sun for a long time will be very easy to go rancid, so the seller in An Giang has devised a way to freeze it to sell.(Source: Street Food Thao Vy)

The way to make this meat dish is also quite elaborate, the pork skin will be fried with some other ingredients, then wrapped and compacted. The packer must be clever and squeeze his hands so that the pieces of meat can link and stick together to shape. Then, the glue in the pig’s skin creates the adhesion together.

Another picture of cold spring rolls in the western provinces (Photo: Phan Chung)

The way to eat this dish is also different when we use spring rolls on the table or a family meal. Lien will add to the box of laksa leaves, a few pieces of cucumber and sprinkle a little salt and pepper to taste. Finally, add ground chili and the “instant cold cake” part is completed. Each spice is mixed well and then blended together, making the diners only open their mouths to praise the deliciousness.

After slicing the patties, the seller will add a bit of seasoning to make the dish more appetizing, because if you just eat it, it will be quite bland.(Source: Street Food Thao Vy)

Lien’s sausage is mostly pork skin, so it is very chewy and crunchy, different from many other types of meat rolls. There are also a few pieces of pepper mixed in the patties to increase the spicy and rich flavor. Pepper in cold rolls has a pleasant aroma. Many people who have tried this dish have commented that when eating it, it is necessary to have both the skin and pepper, so it is the right way to eat it.

One more clever feature of this cold car is that each piece is fried until it is transparent but still has a delicious chewiness. The cold, greasy, crunchy, peppery flavor makes the dish chewy and crunchy without being bored like other types of spring rolls.

The owner of the Street Food channel can’t wait to try this strange dish and the results are better than expected. No matter where you eat, you can feel the crunchy, crunchy texture, and the rich flavors are just right there.

If you have the opportunity to come to An Giang, in addition to fish vermicelli, papaya salad or typical fish sauce, this ice cold spring rolls is also an equally special dish. When it’s hot outside, eating a piece of this cool spring roll is enough to “peace” any hungry stomach!

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