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The largest night flower market in Hanoi is crowded with customers before October 20

The closer to the Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10, the atmosphere at Quang Ba flower market (Tay Ho) is more exciting and bustling. Buyers and sellers are busy from night to morning.

Quang Ba Night Flower Market is located on Au Co Street (Tay Ho District, Hanoi) and operates all year round, but is usually the busiest from midnight to dawn. Near the occasion of October 20, flowers are continuously delivered to the market, creating a bustling and crowded scene.

The largest night flower market in Hanoi is crowded with customers before October 20

The night market was crowded on the day of October 20.

The flowers here have just been collected from gardeners and still have early morning dew, so many people come here to buy flowers that are both cheap and fresh.

Anh Thang, a small flower seller at Quang Ba flower market, said that this year’s flowers are the most expensive since the pandemic.”On this occasion, the number of visitors is much larger than in previous periods, this year the price has increased 2 to 3 times, so everyone is excited and happy,” Thang added.

Velvet roses cost 300,000 VND/bundle of 60 flowers, one and a half times higher than the normal market price

Traders have to whiten night and day to import, classify and bring to the market.

The flower baskets come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.

Quang An flower market is also diverse with many other flowers such as heather, salem, violet, yellow chrysanthemum, dahlia, gladiolus… consumers are free to choose.

Flowers in Quang Ba market are transferred from many big flower baskets such as Tay Tuu, Gia Lam, Phuc Yen… or from Da Lat, Lao Cai.

After choosing a satisfactory bouquet, many young people “don’t forget” to check-in at this colorful place.

Men are eager to buy flowers early.

 (According to Tien Phong)

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